52 week challenge

52 week challenges

The Internet is really a great source of ideas. Last Monday, a friend was telling me about this 52 week saving challenge. He will start with a P50 savings/week and then it will increase in increments of P50 (second week it’ll be P100, third week P150). By the end of the year, you will have P68,000 ++. Sounds easy? Think again. By the first week of December, you will be needing at least P2500/week – making it P10000 for the whole month. And what if your net pay is just a little over that amount?

I think this would only be feasible for those who have at least half of this amount to spare. Take note that December is Christmas time, and a lot of shopping and spending needs to be done during that time.

Or maybe, I just don’t have the discipline haha. So I looked at other 52 week challenges and I found the 52 week photo challenges- and I tried searching for something that is interesting, and something that I could possibly do. Most of the challenges I found involved technical photography

skills and I am not up for that haha. There’s this 52 week food challenge which sounded fun, but I don’t think that’s my personality haha.

So my initial idea was to just get a post it, write something on it and then take a photo of it against a nice background. What will I write on the paper? Perhaps a song lyrics. And I thought of Britney. Why not make it a 52 week Britney song lyrics challenge? That’s fun. She had a lot of albums, surely 52 songs wouldn’t be a problem.

But then again, I thought that post its and write ups were already part of my love mission. I need something different. What about 52 weeks of crown moments? I couldn’t bring my crown every week. Or 52 weeks glasses shots? I’m doing this for every new restaurant I go to. 52 selfies? Too vain. What would be so Me and so fun, yet challenging?

And my friend thought of this:

52 week random guys challenge


I’m in.

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