On Her Appointment.

So this happened today. Mocha Uson, a staunch supporter of our current President, was appointed as one of the Board Members of the MTRCB (Movie and Television Review and Classification Board) or simply the censorship committee of the country.

A barrage of hate comments filled my Facebook and Twitter timelines, and I, myself, am shocked as to why on earth such thing happened. I carefully composed and tweeted the question:

What would you feel if a child tells you that when he/she grows up, he/she wants to be like Mocha Uson?

Well, it isn’t a surprise that this administration appoints people who helped it secure the highest post in the land. In the past months, there were a number of celebrities who were given government positions – and most of these celebs were supporters of the President.

But this one created much controversy – even though, I think, most people already saw it coming. Mocha is a very visible person in the news and in social media nowadays, reaching 4M followers.

Who Is Mocha Uson?

Wikipedia enlists her as a professional dancer, model, singer.

My first encounter with her was when her song Patcha came out. It was one of those catchy tunes with incomprehensible lyrics, but is still LSS-worthy. And then I saw her on FHM and Maxim (i buy those magazines). I remembered her as a proud bisexual, who had videos and blogs teaching people how to kiss, masturbate or even the art of cunnilingus. She sells the idea of sex.

With a body like that, why not?

And then came 2016, during the campaign period, she was a self proclaimed DDS (Diehard Duterte Supporter). Her blog/facebook site was instrumental in the campaign, reaching a lot of followers – most of whom have followed her since her “mature content” blogging days. When Duterte won, Mocha claimed to be the voice of the poor. She posts all the achievements of the current administration, together with the criticisms – mostly directed towards the Vice President.

It’s a blog. She can do whatever she wants.

But SHE IS A CELEBRITY, Followed by Millions. The problem with Mocha started when there were unverified news articles posted on her page – most of which can be considered as attacks on the previous administration (same political party as the current VP); and unfortunately these were satirical sites that don’t necessarily tell the truth. Because of this, her followers (or “mga Ka DDS”) as she fondly calls them, believes and shares whatever she posts.

Therefore, creating chaos on Facebook – especially when the other parties react, and everything goes haywire.

That is Mocha Uson to me.

But thou shall not judge – so I researched a bit on her personal life. She was a graduate of medical technology from the University of Sto Tomas (UST). She also spent a couple of years in med school. A few people who have worked with her – including Mo Twister – claims that Mocha is NOT STUPID. As a matter of fact, she is intelligent.

So why is there so much hate directed towards her?

Mainly because of the difference in political opinions. If you ask me, am I in favor of the appointment? To be honest, I do not know.

I am in favor because who am I to say that she does not deserve the post? Maybe because the President owed her? But should we not give her a chance?

I think of my situation – people would often judge me as that happy go lucky gay person who doesn’t really care about anything – cannot be serious on something.

Wasn’t it the reason why I was not promoted on my previous job? And when I transferred companies and got promoted – didn’t I just proved them wrong?

I’m giving Mocha the benefit of the doubt. She might be able to do something productive, other than rant on social media. Or maybe, there would be more sex films in the coming months- which is actually good for the industry because sex sells. Lol.

Probably the only reason why I say no to this appointment is because of her blog.

That, and the fact that even those in the entertainment industry do not think she is qualified. I don’t know. Part of me wants to give her a chance – maybe a chance to be a productive member of the society. And another part of me squirms with the idea that a person like this – who does not, in any way, represent my own ideologies – got a very important role in this country.

I guess it pays to be a great asskisser. Lol.

You can clearly see how solid of a supporter she is, that all news – whether it’s fake or not – as long as it is against the VP and the previous administration, is always a hot topic for her. She criticizes them like there’s no tomorrow. And I am afraid that when a child grows up to be full of hatred and negativity because that’s what she saw from this girl – I could not tell him or her that: “My dear, this is what the Filipino people wanted. This is the change that they asked for.”

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