I wish I could go to work with my hair looking like this. I’ve always loved the out of bed look, but due to some “professional image” that the bank requires, I have to adhere to a neatly combed hair. Good thing they don’t reprimand us for growing facial hairs.

Yesterday (coz it’s already Wednesday as of this writing) was the first day of work for this year. And as expected, we had to stay late to close the books. Ah, the dreaded yearend closing. If you’re an accountant, you would know that.

And most likely, you would also hate that time of the year. This is equivalent to the auditors’ busy season.

Wtf. Why am I talking about work… haha. I’ll stop there.


The Mesentery

Browsing my twitter feed and I found this! A brand new organ in our digestive system!!! Cannot help but laugh out at the comparison of this new organ to someone who loves another but isn’t noticed

“I’ve been here the whole time, but you just don’t seem to notice me”

Said the mesentery haha. Omg.

I remember in grade school, we studied the different systems in the body and aside from the reproductive system, the digestive is another favorite lol.


Life is not simply black or white, nor is it just left and right. There are shades of grey, and rainbows in the middle. You look in a mirror and you don’t see a person that is characterized by just one word. We are a mixture of hues and should not be confined to what society dictates us to be in pen and paper.

My friend ask me to do a write up for her ‘coz she’s performing in a burlesque show and she needed something that relates to #LGBT concerns, particularly transgender females. I’m not trans, but I’ve got a lot of trans friends so I hope the write up above is okay. Unfortunately, my mind is chaotic because of the Yearend closing ugh…. I don’t wanna do this anymoreeeeeee😭😭😭


Good Night. I feel like there’s an impending toothache that a sleep deprived person should prepare for. Lol.

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