2016 Yearender

Saw this on Facebook and I thought this should all be our mindset in welcoming the New Year.

So how was your year? Although mine was filled with a lot of craziness, I would say that it was still a beautiful year.

These photos would say so. Lol.


1) meeting A1 with Irish and Mhean , thank you iRocktography

2) DBMN parties

3) Brian and Maricrisel ‘s Wedding

4) My dear Britney, who is now in Dog Heaven

5) Team K and Peklats @ LoveYourself Incognito

6) First Wedding in the Family

7) More Foodtrips with Aki and sometimes Geli


9) La Union with DDC

10) Boracay with Pam

11) Watching American Idiot and more plays with Angelica, who introduced me to this world

12) once or twice a year meeting with PNB friends

13) Pride March with Ing and Aki

14) Impromptu dinner with Mara Aquino

15) Catch Ups and celebrations with College Best Friends

16) Singles’ Valentine Getaway with Aki and Marlon

17) The Tela Series

18) That afternoon at Luneta Park

19) Volunteering at Tacloban

20) Going to Iloilo for Mark and Quennie’s Wedding

21) Jayded Summer (finally) by JAYD Ramos Photography & Jaydproductions

22) Potipot with Aki Thea and Sharleen Michele

23) Rare but memorable sessions with ex House by the Sea friends

24) Nanay’s 80th Birthday

25) Volunteering at LoveYourself Inc

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