I traveled round the world
Looking for a home
I found myself in crowded rooms
Feeling so alone

I had so many lovers
Who settled for the thrill
Of basking in my spotlight
I never felt so happy

I let your hands traverse the path that led to my body.. I looked into your eyes and saw the longing for something that would quench your thirst.. I allowed your lips plant soft kisses on places that were unseen under normal circumstances..

I was over the edge… I was on the verge of falling… It seemed so right.. So perfect..
I would never never look at this place the same way again.. I would always remember every single detail – how you held my hand when we searched for stars on the gloomy night sky, how your eyes try to look away every time you catch me staring at you.. I almost gave in..

I know that this won’t last. Somehow, I have a feeling that after you ‘had your fill’, it would be over.
I am a cynic. After all, you are just one of them. One of those who would like to know how it felt to be with me. I know how to play your game. I know everything was a show. Congratulations. You almost had me. But I have already warned myself of the danger that you bring.

I know how people look at me. I know how I have been heralded as the biggest mistake you have ever made. You were the only one who saw through me. In your eyes, I am unmasked. I am free. I am not ashamed.. I finally found my place… By your side..

And just like the December breeze that gently touched my face, just like the dream that felt so real, just like the rainbow after the storm… You slowly disappeared.

There’s nothing left to lose..
There’s no more heart to bruise..
There’s no greater power than the power of Goodbye…

Originally posted on Facebook, sometime in 2009.

I couldn’t remember what I was thinking or feeling that made me write this. Lol. Somehow, it felt right to share this before this year ends.

#Throwback #Yearender #HappyNewYear #Emo

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