a wedding on the 29th of December

My Brother’s Wedding

My brother got married today! (Photo above also shows our father, the guy behind him).

He got married to his girlfriend of almost seven years, it was a simple civil wedding. Both of them were living and working in the Middle East, so since they wanted to be together and the law doesn’t allow those who aren’t married to stay in one house, they decided to just do it during their Christmas vacation this year.

This is my little sister who’s all grown up now. Wearing makeup is very not normal for her and this deserves a photo op; also she wore a dress! Hahaha!!

Family photos taken earlier

Yes, we are a BIG family

#DayreBride #DayreWedding #wedding

You see, there are six brothers, an only girl, my parents, my brother’s wife and our grandmother (mother’s side). Grandma from the father’s side can’t make it coz she’s bedridden 😦

But it is indeed a joyous occasion that brought all of us together

Okay Too many photos now. Lol.

Would you believe that I am the first born? Yeah. Brothers 2 (farthest left) and 3 (the one who got married) actually look older than me. Brother 4 (the bald one who looks like Saitama) is slowly catching up to 2 and 3 in terms of size. So I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, people would say I look younger than him.

What’s my secret? Well.. a lot of smiling. Hahahah:

These are the youngest three in the family. Brother 6 and 5 and only sister. I can’t believe that they’re all this tall now. Do you know that when they were just babies, I was tasked to take care of them? I was in high school and I already know how to carry a baby, take care of them when they’re crying and change their diapers. I bet they don’t even remember that. But I do 🙂

Our only girl

Brother 5 and our Tita Ineng, she’s one of the cousins we grew close to.

The Cabio kids, except that we are no longer kids lol. Brother 2 is not in the photo coz he’s doing some errands (he’s the go to guy of everyone in the house)

With ze parents.

My brother (the one who got married) weren’t friends when we were teens. We always argued about a lot of things – must be because he was this jock basketball superstar with a lot of friends, while I’m the supergay flamboyant popular kid in class. Our tastes are extremely different – we always fought for the remote control, or the music, or whatever.

The thing is, he was the favorite and I was tje rebel.

There was a good four or more years that we barely tAlked to each other. If we did, it was all arguments and heated debates.

When we went to college and our father hAd to leave to work abroad to support our studies, the no speaking to each other went worse. But there was this one moment that I think changed everything – he came home one afternoon drunk as fck and no one’s home but me and my little siblings. So while taking care of them, I also assisted the drunk. I felt that he became sorry for

that and eventually, our relationship as brothers became better. Though we are not the touchy, hugging each other type, I do believe that he respects me and loves me the same way that I love him. I am happy that he was the first to get married because I know that he would be a very responsible husband and father to his kids.

He is still very responsible because he provides for everyone at home! I just don’t know how these will change but for sure mom would push me to work abroad haha.

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