what would you do?

How do you treat others?

I read somewhere that how you treat the waiter can show you a person’s true character. In addition to that, I also read about learning to respect everyone because you do not know the struggle that one is going through. There are a million other life quotes and sayings about how we should treat other people, especially those who are not his equals.

I try my very best to be polite, courteous and nice. As much as possible, I do not raise my voice to people in the service industry.

I try not to be the customer from hell. Hair on my food? That’s nothing. I spilled the drinks? I don’t ask for a replacement. I give tips whenever I find the person nice, even if the service isn’t really of high quality.

But to what extent should we show our kindness?

Imagine the following situations (two of which just happened today).

1) It was way beyond lunch time, I bought food and for some reason the people behind me already had their orders processed. Turns out the cashier forgot mine.

There were at least five people manning the food kiosk – a cashier, two people taking turns cooking/heating the food and two more giving them to the customers. When I asked, nobody knew about my order. Bear in mind that this was past 1pm, there were only a few customers.

2) I was queuing in a long line when the cashier said they will move the queue behind another because they will close that specific counter. Twenty minutes of waiting in line, once you place your order you are told to wait

ten more minutes. Imagine one hour of lunch break, 15minutes travel time to the fastfood, thirty minutes waiting time from the queue up to the receipt of your food.

3) It’s late at night. The fastfood is not packed – but there were leftover food and dirty tables everywhere. You cannot find a place to sit in because no one from the staff went to clean these (in the PH, fastfoods like McDonald’s arent clean as you go).

Now, if you were in these situations,
What would you do? (Photo above is totally
Unrelated to this post, it is my
Questioning face I guess

As for me, in the first situation – I snapped. I was very hungry already.

Second situation, I accepted my “fate”. Such is life, this isn’t a fairy tale.

Third, I complained in the fastfood’s Twitter account (and they sincerely apologized and even offered me a free meal, which I declined).

If you would think about the people in these situations,

they all might be undergoing something. In 1) maybe they were already hungry as it was 1pm and the rush hour during lunch must’ve just finished.

In 2) The cashier took a break so she had to close her counter and let those in the queue move to another line. As for the delay in food processing, I no longer have a control over that

And in 3) I just don know what went wrong that night.
Maybe someone just can’t stomach cleaning the mess of these people.

Point is, if you’ve thought about these

before acting the way that I did – bitching, giving them the tiger look – then maybe, you would’ve responded differently.

But the circumstances warranted that I act that way. I also have things going on – do I not have the right to complain? If I see people struggling to do their jobs, I would understand. But if I see them not knowing what to do, but there’s just so many people who can do this and that – my mind automatically goes – YOU HAVE ONE JOB.

Seriously, I am no angel.

But I want to treat people the way they want me to treat them. I do understand that all of us are fighting our own personal battles, but work ethics demand us to be professional at our jobs and do what it is required of us to do.

You’re having a heartbreak- you cannot concentrate, then by all means, take the day off. I would rather see a team of a few persons doing work effectively, than seeing a chaotic group not knowing what to do.

But then again, I am not perfect. Being an accountant, I’m also in the service industry and I have encountered people who think that they are Gods and I am merely a slave – obliged to do anything they ask me to.

I’ve also had crazy disagreements with clients before, but I managed to fix them.

Maybe it’s a matter of choosing who to school with a customer from hell lessons they will never forget; and who to be a bit more patient and understanding to.

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