How Will You Celebrate Christmas?

Amidst all the chaos – the Christmas
sale rush everywhere, families dining and filling up restaurant reservations, flickering lights everywhere, couples holding on to each other very tightly (possibly due to the cold weather) – if you ask yourself how would you celebrate it, what would your answer be?

As I was walking by myself, alone in Ayala, it dawned on me – there are just two more days before Christmas. I have squeezed in gift shopping amidst my early morning wakeup call.

I have attended a number of parties and had a lot of reunions over the past few weeks; but still, I realize that something is missing.

I don’t want to think that it’s the lack of a partner – although it might be able to fill part of the gaping hole inside of me. And then, I thought, maybe it’s in welcoming the Lord. I might have concentrated on the idea that the dawn masses would grant some of my wishes in His right time, that I forgot that this season was all about Him coming to this world.

So now, I lie in bed – I would like to profess how great of a God He is. I would like to thank Him for coming into our lives, for teaching us, for giving us hope… faith.. and Love.

Maybe I am alone this Christmas, maybe that partner who has been elusive for so many years now isn’t really the one that will make me whole. Maybe I am ignoring the innumerable manifestations of Love that He has showered and is still showering upon me – through my family and friends.

And tomorrow, for the last dawn Mass, I will dedicate it to Him (of course I’d be a hypocrite if I say I wouldn’t make wishes, I’d still do that lol). But the focus of the season should never be the material things, but the gift of God – through these dawn masses, we journeyed with Mary and Joseph. We remember that night, when the star shone brightly in Bethlehem; when Jesus Christ came down from heaven to be one with His people; and still make the greatest sacrifice of all.

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