Okay. I am running on very few hours of sleep and I don’t even know how I’m surviving this but tomorrow is Day 8 of the dawn masses!! Yes, two more days and I’m gonna be able to finish it again!

But before I dim the lights and sleep soundly in my cute little room, let me just say how incredibly happy I am to have found out that a streaming link for series is working in the office!!! That means I no longer have to download thru wifi – I just hope this one lasts and we won’t be punished for it.

For the record, I am watching the series before and after office hours – when I no longer have work to do.

And right now, I am watching my sister’s recommendation- which I am enjoying so much (I’m still on episode 2 though).

I’m watching because I know this guy from My Girl

And this one from Train to Busan

The series is called Goblin – and I’m pretty sure fellow Korean series fans are also updated about this. So I would like to ask my dears @Ievis and @jeweleene if you can identify this hotness of a guy who’s also part of the series – I used google but I could surely use some girlfriendly advice and stories :


I wish he’d appear in my dreams tonight lol.

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