Reflections and Christmas Decorations

What’s your #Blessed story today?

Some of us see or use this hashtag adversely, mostly because of the subtle bragging associated with posts relating to that. But today, I choose to go on a different route. I’ll share the blessing that I got from church today.

It’s Day 5 of the Simbang Gabi and I listened intently at the priest’s homily, despite my body calling me to sleep haha. That’s me fighting my early morning demons.

Anyway, this is what the priest said:

Do you know that the original Christmas greeting isn’t Merry Christmas?

And of course you would wonder what it is…


Be not afraid

And you would then ask, why??

Simple – this sentence was the greeting made by the Angel when he appeared to Zechariah, telling him that Elizabeth is to bear a child. It is the same greeting made by the angel to Joseph when he appeared in his dream, to tell him about Mary; and also the same words uttered by the Angel when he appeared to Mary to let her know about being chosen as the mother of Christ.

What does it mean in our lives?

Well, first, when you are facing trials and obstacles – you often question God and ask him why things are happening the way they are happening. But we should never be afraid, and trust that God has a plan for us – just like he had a plan for Mary. Had she been afraid, there wouldn’t be any Christmas, there wouldn’t be any Redeemer.

Second, oftentimes, we choose the easy way on things. But most of the time, easy is not always right.

It was easy for Mary to say no; imagine at that time – being pregnant out of wedlock would be tantamount to committing adultery. And at that time (and this time in some countries) adultery is punishable by death. Her easy way out was to say no, she cannot do it. But instead, she accepted what God has planned for her – even if she was unsure if Joseph would still accept her.
In the same way, we are faced with a lot of choices – with all the easy ones being the (well) not so right ones.


1) Would you rather sleep than attend the dawn mass?

2) Would you rather go out clubbing than study?

3) Would you rather kill someone than submit him to fair trial?

You see, the hard way is oftentimes the hard way. And such is life. 😬


And since Christmas is only a few days away, I would be posting photos of the Christmas decors I find along the way (err, pardon the rhyme hahah).

The lone tree in our condo. Photo enhanced through Instagram Stories haha.

When we went to a meeting with the client.

A tree in one of the buildings here in Makati.

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