Reunions and Parties


Been away for a while now – main reason: I’m lacking sleep and my body is craving for more of it. It’s because of these dawn masses (today is Day 4 and I’m still on track yipee!!)

So.. let’s see.. A quick update for those who missed seeing my crazy posts…


Friday was our department’s Christmas party and everyone was required to wear red (I wasn’t following instructions). This party was pretty expensive that almost everyone of us went home with Noche Buena baskets – to those who’ve heard of this first, this is a basket filled with goodies normally eaten during Christmas dinner. The photo above is of our team (well most of the photos in my phone that night is of our team).

Two thirds of our party organizers. They prepared a fun night with lots of food, fun games and prizes.

They had a quiz bee, Pinoy Henyo, longest line with a twist and the epic Rock, Paper Scissors that involved everyone in the department.

During the day, they raffled a few P300, and three more grand cash prizes during the night. Well, these were small but considering the food and the gift baskets, it was more than enough.

Photo above is with our Daddy Gans who has already left the bank, but was still invited to the party.

With our other teammates who stayed late in the office

With Pam – who’s having some love problems but it doesn’t show in her photos lol

My bulging bellly in full display lol.

Candid photo again lol

Another team photo – hope you’re don’t get tired of all our faces haha.

This one’s the seductive pose. Lol.

#Camwhores #OOTD

The crazy pose

During the Pinoy Henyo game, which @supermavic , myself and Genie (the girl with the red ribbon) won.

How to play Pinoy Henyo (roughly translated to Filipino Genius):

1) there should be at least two players – one would guess the word(player 1), the other would answer player 1’s questions (player 2)

2) a word will be flashed on top of Player 1’s head, then he would have to guess the word by asking questions that are only answerable by YES, NO and MAYBE (CAN BE)

3) every word guessed = 1 pt

The Christmas Basket that we were given (this one had wine, spaghetti and spaghetti ingredients and fruit salad ingredients lol).

My exchange gift mommy gave me this!!! I’m in love with this cologne’s baby scent. Yay!

The party finished at around 1am and we were torn if we’d go home or just wait it out till 4am, when we can already go to the dawn mass. We decided to just catch some sleep in the office and wake up at around 4. But since we were all in a chatty mood, we ended up talking till half past two and only got to sleep for an hour.

We went to church all groggy and still a bit drunk. Haha.


I went back to the condo after the mass to get a little rest, but I ended up sleeping from 7-10am. And with barely enough sleep, I dragged my fat ass to the bus station and went home to Batangas for my grandmother’s 80th birthday celebration.

My brother fetched me from the bus terminal and we looked around the city for a decent cake for grandma but we cannot find any nice ones so we settled for Red Ribbon (which is pretty common for birthdays). To make it a bit special, I bought two cakes for her.

My grandmother, at 80, is still very strong

And she also has a temper – something that I think I got from her. The other girl in the photo is my one and only sister who’s belly is in the running to be as big as mine lol.

Mom and Grandma

The other two girls in the photo are my cousins, and all the boys are my brothers. There’s one who isn’t in the photo coz he has chicken pox. Poor guy was quarantined inside the bedroom for weeks now; he wasn’t even able to go out and celebrate with grandma.

Another photo.


As for Sunday, I was able to go to the dawn mass in Batangas because our house is right beside the chapel. And luckily, the schedule for this year’s mass is at 5am, which is the same as Greenbelt chapel’s.

After the mass, I watched a few episodes of Survivor Blood Vs Water 2; and in the afternoon, I went to my friend’s house for our college barkada reunion.

Each of us brought food – which is a lot cheaper than going out and dining in a restaurant.

This also gave us a lot of time to bond and catch up. When you’re with good friends, you never run out of great stories – and even if we talk about the same thing over and over again, they just don’t seem to get old. Photo above is with our host family’s parents, whom we all grew very close to as well!

With my godson, Gibson Brody

And we were trying out the filters

With the family of @misisjoey and @marcupal86

We even watched Sausage Party hahah

I have a red scarf – a gift that my grandma received. She said she doesn’t wanna use scarves because it reminds her of Senator De Lima. But of course, I was a good grandson for volunteering to get the scarf and put it to good use (mine). Lol.


I loved how I looked so muscular in this photo lol.

And of course, the wacky shot. Haha.

#Christmas #Reunion

Needless to say, my weekend was jampacked and I haven’t had enough rest yet. Now, it is 9:36 PM. My alarm goes off at 3:30 AM. I need to do this. I can do this!!!

Goodnight Dayreworld!!!

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