start of Christmas

Made it to the first day of Simbang Gabi!

Today’s homily is about joining Mary in her journey to meeting Christ. It was a sacrifice that she had made – agreeing to carry Jesus in her womb for nine months (which is also somewhat the reason why there are nine morning masses in preparation for Christmas). The priest also talked about being able to sacrifice in order to love. Mary has exemplified this in the last moment that she held her son (PIETA).

But what struck me the most was the line about pain:

Pain ends. Beauty remains.

Remember that during those times, Mary was holding the dead body of her son. But two thousand years after, we are reminded of God’s love – it was all for us, a beautiful sacrifice that freed us from sin.

And although at the time, Mary would have been very devastated, she accepted it as what she has done from the beginning – because it was the will of God. Now, we see her as one of, if not the most beautiful woman (Inside and out) in Christian history.

The priest also talked about consistency.

That along with sacrifice and love, one thing that we need to prepare ourselves for Christmas is consistency – most especially to those who decided to attend the morning masses. He expects us to make it till the end; but on top of all that, he reminds us that our faith should also be consistent – not only being present in special times like Christmas (I am somewhat guilty of this though).

But who knows, maybe this is the time I could change?


Linguine alla ghiotta – composed of mushrooms, slab bacon and cream. In short, this one’s a Carbonara haha. The server suggested that I add egg coz it’ll taste better. Sadly, it did not meet my expectations. Unfortunately, for the taste and the expensive menu, I’d rate Cibo a 2/5.


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