#DayreBride and #DayreVolunteer

Kumusta ka?

The greeting above is the Filipino equivalent of “How are you?”. I’ve been away for a few days, but I’ve been keeping up with the posts of the people I follow. I was just busy with my friend’s wedding, and of course volunteering. I haven’t had a decent sleep since Tuesday, so I will try to get one today. But before that, I feel that I need to do a quick update just to track the days that have gone by.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

So you know that I’m going to wedding – even had a bridal shower post for that. The Big Day was last Thursday, December 8 (coincidentally the Feast of the Immaculate Conception). I do not have the deets as to why they chose this date, but some friends told me that it’s a lucky number because 1) it’s similar to the infinity symbol and 2) the last stroke when you’re writing the number is upwards and is therefore believed to bring good luck.

We checked in at Summit Ridge Hotel in Tagaytay – sadly, I do not have photos of the hotel because we came in at 10pm (check in time was 2pm!) coz my friends still finished their work. I took Wednesday off because I initially planned to go there by myself but I forgot that I have a lot of things to bring so I decided to just join my friends who were driving to the venue. I should’ve went to work, but well, it’s a blessing in disguise because I was able to do volunteer work while waiting.

I’ll tell you about that later.

And then when we got to Tagaytay, it was absofckinglutely cold. And I was wearing a shirt and a pair of shorts. I did not bring anything that’s suited for the super cold weather because my mind was focused on the wedding. My other friend, who came straight from Boracay arrived at half past one in the morning and I had to wait for him. That explains why I didn’t have a good night’s sleep last Wednesday night.

Sadly, the call time the next day for makeup was 6am

No I didn’t avail of HMUA services but they’re using our room so we had to be up and about at the same time with the girls. Haha.

Long story short, these photos tell you how we looked during the entire wedding:

With Angelica and Janix, fellow entourage members

At the reception with the view of Taal
volcano (the volcano within a lake within an island within a lake within an island), google
And be amazed lol. YES.

I feel so pogi (handsome) during the wedding and for that reason, I am posting my wedding #OOTD so forgive my self absorption just for today (and all the days that’ll follow lol)

I took this shot and except for the wilted petals, everything else looked so damn good.

I don’t know about you but in this photo – I looked like a decent human being hahaha.

I’m the bride’s honor attendant. In case you’re wondering what it means, it’s when the bride has a guy best friend and she wants him to be part of her entourage. It’s like the male maid of honor, and yes,
That’s a valid role in a wedding. Again, yes, I carried a bouquet of flowers inside the church!

With the groom

The beautiful bride

The couple with their Bank friends (their love story started in the Bank). We were all batchmates and we witnessed where their story from the beginning, hell, we’re even a part of it.

With the other entourage members.

#DayreBrides #DayreWedding

With my other friends

Badass photo of me and the church. That’s St. Anthony of Padua’s Church located at Brgy. Pook, Silang, Cavite

With the couple at the superfabulous and expensive reception. I swear – had my phone not acted up that night – I would’ve taken photos of the food. It was absolute perfection. They had truffle pasta, tiger prawns, pork belly, beef risotto, lechon – all cooked so perfectly. I was told the budget per person was P3000. There were 12 tables of 10, two presidential tables- DO THE MATH. And that’s only for the food. I tell you,that wedding was EXPENSIVE.

Stolen shot with the couple. I actually stayed till 10pm and we left Tagaytay after grabbing some quick coffee somewhere. I arrived at the condo at half past one. And I have work the next day!

Japanese Movie

Oh God. This movie, Your Lie In April is a must see. It was based on an anime of the same title. This one was beautifully made,
the actors were so convincing – I give this a 6.5/7!!!!


Volunteering Work

You would think that the Christmas season meant less work for the Volunteers? Think again. Since December 1 was World AIDS day, the information and awareness campaign of various organizations all over social media and the television, a large number of clients is expected on the next clinic day after WAD.

It’s good – meaning whatever the media and the orgs did – they worked. But if you didn’t have counselors on duty – it’s a recipe bound for disaster.

Fortunately, I was on leave. So I dragged my lazy butt to LoveYourself Uni and helped. This was last Wednesday. I had a lot of clients and yes, twas very fulfilling.

This weekend, I also did volunteer work because I wasn’t able to go home. My brother, who works in the Middle East, is here for the holidays and he’s getting married on the 29th. My other brother (6th sibling) had chicken pox! That’s why I didn’t go home.

HIV stories are often sad ones – we had a woman – her husband died because of complications. The guy had the disease and her risk of getting it was very high. Unfortunately, she waited for her husband to die before having herself checked. And yes, she already looked sickly – although we shouldn’t judge her based on how she looks. The point is, AGAIN, HIV is just like having hypertension and diabetes. It’s there – there isn’t any cure yet, but THERE IS TREATMENT. That’s the main reason why

we encourage people to get tested. Early detection can mean and help a lot.

Another notable story was this guy who participated in an orgy (group sex). They did not use any protection, he turned out to be positive. Imagine, all those who participated in that orgy might possibly be infected. The thing is, if a person engages in risky behaviors – they should be able to assess whether they need to be tested or not. Also, if you enjoy unprotected sex, ask yourself this question:

Are you ready to become HIV+

If not, then you alway have a choice. Sex is not something that people should shun just because of the threat that is HIV. We encourage sex – Safe ones though – it is a human need. But with great sex comes great responsibility. So there. That’s my bit and here’s a photo of me and my co-counselors today.


From all of us

Come and Get tested!

We’ll assist you along the way

And this guy is my batchmate in the org. A blackmail photo huh. Hahah.

So he enjoyed doing this lol.

Also, they gave me a nameplate! Yipeeee!!!


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