Been totally busy lately that it seems that Dayre has been a neglected part of my daily activities. But sometimes, I need a few good stuff to read so I check this space for worthwhile reading materials – not the kind that I see on Facebook. Lately, it has all been politics on my feed. It seemed like Christmas has been neglected already.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, what happened to you my dear country?

Nevertheless, Christmas has always been something that we all look forward to. Last Friday, we had our annual company Christmas party. I’ve got a few photos to share from that super fun night:

Theme was masquerade

I was forced to be part of the “Star for the night” nominees

Sadly, I lost this pretty mask that night

With the boys

I used to have a crush on this guy – back when he was a bit thinner lol. He’s got a dadbod now

With Annlou

With Joan

And Claire – if you’re asking wtf was I wearing – it was a shirt and sweatpants. I changed after the program because I didn’t want my suit to be “dirty” that night cuz I’m still gonna use it for my friend’s wedding this week.

With Kim

With my boss, Michelle

With Jomar # 1

And Jomar # 2

With my teammates

Wacky! Haha.

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