FOOD : The Shrimp Shack / Eduardo’s

It’s the last day of my vacation. I was supposed to spend it just lounging inside my room, but my restless self couldn’t take it.
I messaged friends asking for their plans and hoping I could tag along – and luckily, three friends heeded my call.


Lunch was at Shrimp Shack in Market! Market! BGC with Mimie. We chose this restaurant because there was a vacant seat, and the food looked easy to prepare so we can quickly grab lunch and head out to meet another friend.

We tried the advertised Mix and Match thingie, where you can choose from a list of shrimp menu and match them with another list of viands. It’s served with two cups of rice. The one above is Gambas plus Arroz A La Cubana

This one is Shrimp in Cream sauce and Burger steak. The serving size was SO SMALL it was utterly disappointing. We were fooled by the photo in the ad. It was a true expectation vs reality fail. Also, the food took a long time to prepare. When we asked for a water refill, it took them 10 minutes to serve us. Needless to say, it was a bad experience and we are never coming back. A 1/5 for me.



Dinner was with Jong at Eduardo’s Peri Peri Flame Grilled Chicken. This one is located in Taft Avenue, Manila. I had to go there coz I was bored af and was not yet ready to go home.



Interiors – well they were doing the industrial x artsy vibe – with unpainted grey walls and wooden chairs. I think it works with students coz it doesn’t look intimidating like say, your normal Starbucks.

My friend ordered the quarter chicken

And I had the regular (but really small) Paella. It was tasty – not the type that I’d try over and over again. But I guess we just agreed to eat somewhere new and this one met that criteria. The rice was too much for the chicken (not that I’m complaining). I’d give the restaurant a 3/5


#Dayrefatties #Foodie #Foodporn #DayreEats


Grabcar Driver

We managed to take a selfie. I swear there was no grabbing involved

Cute college kids during dinner lol.

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