Bridal Shower


Okay. The past weekend has been extremely BUSY for me that I did not even have the time to check my social media accounts (a very rare occasion, unless otherwise done on purpose).

SATURDAY was spent preparing for and celebrating my friend’s Bridal Shower / Hen Party. It went on successfully, with only a few glitches:

1) The surprise was an epic fail because the mother of the bride had to tell her about it because she was already because she was already mad at her sister for being MIA

Sister was with me and we’re busy with the preps. So when she already found out, we were just hoping to at least surprise her with the attendees (she wouldn’t expect that her friends were well represented).

2) The Bridal shower AVP did not play due to some technical issues with the laptop.

3) The food, we thought, wouldn’t be enough so we ordered additional two boxes of pizza. There were so many leftovers

4) The stripper came in 2 hours late, with only half of the guests remaining.

5) The mom was there when the stripper performed doing very nasty dance moves to her daughter. Naturally, she would react negatively. A bummer. But I was afraid she’d get mad at me for bringing someone like that. Hopefully, she didn’t.

6) The freaking hotel charged us an additional P200 for a glass that was not even used, because it allegedly had a crack in it. Duh.

Nevertheless, the party was so much fun – bringing together all the bride’s friends and just having some girl bonding..

Bride’s the one with the tiara.


The early birds, the lady on the left was the soon to be mother in law. IKR, this was a weird bridal shower with both moms present!!!

The Organizers

Penis cookies from Creamy Creations by Bea

Penis Cake from Creamy Creations by Bea

If you’re in the Philippines and you wanna order some baked goodies, go look them up on Facebook or Instagram. She’s really good!!

#Foodporn literally lol. #DayreFatties #DayreEats

Incognito 2.0

Sunday was then spent on volunteering for Incognito 2.0, an anonymous HIV screening for men. The photo above shows Mr. Gay World Philippines 2016 (left) John Raspado and Mr. Gay World Philippines First Runner Up Bench Ortiz (right), promoting the event.

When you look at these guys, you wouldn’t for a second, think that they’re gay. But that’s how it is nowadays. Most gay guys in the Philippines look like them haha. I don’t, I’m still on the effeminate side haha.

Anyway, the Community Based Screening or the Mass Testing as it was previously called (within the organization) offered clients a fast way of determining their HIV status. The results were given to the clients after 15-20 minutes! I did not, however, volunteer for the counseling as this involved the pricking. I am not yet comfortable with that, but maybe in the future I will be. Not now though.

I volunteered for the registration instead. Unfortunately, what I thought would be an easy job

turned out to be the worst one. I was assigned to the registration of volunteers and even though I slept late the previous day (because of the bridal shower), I woke up early with the thought that volunteers would need to register earlier. I was inside a garage with no ac; I was able to borrow an electric fan which was then taken away from me because clients needed it too. So for the entire day – I was left with nothing but the humid air and the sweltering heat of the sun!

To top it off, I was the only one assigned there – and being new to the organization, no one bothered to talk to me! Until this guy came and sat beside me the whole day. I was so thankful that at least, I had someone to talk to and he helped me talk to other members who came by and made small talks with us.

My batchmates were also there but we were assigned to different areas.

We only had the chance to take photos after the event. This one’s Cedric, my batchmate

With Red, Darrel and Ahyeng

With Poi

We loved the lighting here

With the founder of the organization, Vinn

With Team K and Team Peklat (our subgroups in the Batch)

With two of the people from another batch


It was a very tiring but fulfilling day. We served 211 clients and only a small percentage turned out to be reactive.

At least by this, we are slowly breaking the stigma and encouraging people to take the test. It is a very normal thing to do, and no one should be afraid of it. Like what we always say, taking the test and knowing your status would give you peace of mind – whatever your result will be. If Non Reactive then that’s okay, if Reactive there is treatment. You don’t have to suffer.

So today..,,

I apologize for the shameless selfie, but I went home for a very much needed rest and recuperation/recharging for the extremely busy two weeks.

Oh, by the way, you are seeing a #Movember beard! The mustache, though, is just a couple of weeks old. Do I look different with facial hair?

They say I look a bit manlier. As if it matters, lol.

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