Uber and Kebab

Just got home. The Uber driver didn’t know where to pick me up, I called and asked why he did not follow Waze because the earlier Uber used waze to determine the location of my destination. I thought it’s impossible that Waze brought him to a different location.

I had to walk even if it just rained, just to get to where he was. I was disappointed because the very reason why I booked an Uber was because of that rain. And when I got in, I found out that he wasn’t using Waze but he didn’t know where my location was, and he was unsure where to go because there were so many “one way” streets in Makati. He said the reason why he didn’t want to use waze was because the Internet in the country sucks and it wouldn’t really be helpful to him, especially if he already knew the way (then why did you not use waze when you set out to pick me up)!!!


I wanted to complain but he sounded sincere, so I dunno what to do..



Anyway, on to the good news – FOOD!

We went to Kite Kebab (again) coz I was craving for rice and chicken breast lolZ

From where I was sitting

Chipotle Chicken Breast Fillet

Chicken Chicharon

So many rice (basmati)

Wagyu Beef Skewer

And as usual, Kite Kebab did not disappoint. Yumyumyum. Id give them 4/5 this time.


#Dayrefatties #Foodie

Anyhow, I’m super tired (of doing nothing) today so I’ll just leave this post here. Nyt!!!

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