Good And Bad

I have always believed in balance – that a good thing has an equivalent bad thing; that when one door closes, a window opens.. There’s always a yin and a yang, you win some and you lose some.

Today is the perfect example of that. I received a good news and a bad news.

The Good News

My Korean visa was approved!! And guess what, it’s FIVE YEARS MULTIPLE ENTRY!!’

So excited for the coming years, it’s gonna be a whole lot of #Dayretravels for me! I don’t know why it was five years, because all of my friends had three years multiple entry and I know some of them have higher salaries than mine. Maybe it’s the job title? I put Fund Accounting Manager, maybe that sounded rich bitch can travel and go back. Haha.

The Bad News

Meet Britney, out pet Shih Tzu. After Gaiuz and Gaiuza died this year, mom bought her from her officemate, for a low price. Must be because her skin isn’t that nice and her lower set of teeth is protruding. She’s not the prettiest shih tzu you will ever see. But for me, she was the kindest. Everytime I go home (which is every two weeks) and she hears my voice, she’d jump so wildly and run to me. She’d lie on her back and let me scratch her tummy, a trust thing as a friend told me.

I’ve had moments with her too. I talk to her every so often, even if I know she doesn’t understand. That’s because I believe that her love is unconditional. She gets me.

And today, baby Britney went to heaven. It was so devastating, I had to cry inside a mall’s toilet. Actually, I kind of expected it to happen. She has been in and out of the vet for a few days now, and I already prayed last night that if she is tired, I’m letting her go – even if that means I’m no longer gonna see her again.

I guess I should be fine. I would meet other dogs, but no one will ever be the same as Britney. 😦

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