Surprises, Fun Home and Fun Food

Yesterday was such a busy day, that my initial plan of updating my Dayre every day of my MTA got effed up. I went to Loveyourself Uni again for my Volunteering duty.

I’m so gonna miss this when I get back to work.

So what happened?

It’s the usual thing – clients came in, I did counseling and delivered their result to them. I feel that the experiences make me a better counselor- true to the fact that it is the best teacher.


I will let you in on a secret. Usually, before delivering the results, the counselors would already have an idea about what it is. If the client is reactive, the envelope would contain more than one paper – it would include a referral letter. Sometimes, you would be given a heads up.

Yesterday, though, it was different. Results were given to the counselors all at the same time – but we weren’t told about what they are. The envelopes were so neatly packed that you wouldn’t notice if it’s thick

I was handed one, and then I talked to this client, whose sexual activities were both with men and women. He was already having health problems but he just dismisses them, until the time he realized he has got to take this test.

And so, I did the usual thing – explaining the risks, what the results could be and what he should be doing once it comes out as reactive. At this part, he interrupted me and asked: So it is positive?

I said no, thinking that he wasn’t, but it was part of my spiel.

So after the reactive part, I also told him what to do if the result comes out as non-reactive. After that, I opened the envelope- just to check the birthday and have a peek at the result. And I was caught off guard.

It was reactive. I was starting to panic because I obviously, I was not prepared for it – but I was reminded of my duty as a counselor. I should be on top of this, I should be helping the client. So I explained to him,again, in detail what he needs to do.

The thing about HIV Counseling, and this is something that I learned through the experiences, is that you never bring your clients’ problems with you. Those are theirs, your job is to make them realize that the responsibility is upon them. Should they make a choice to better their lives, that is up to them.

I also encountered one client, who despite having tested non reactive, still engages in risky sexual activities. At first, it made me a bit frustrated. But upon talking to one of my peers

he told me that I should have asked the client if he is prepared to be HIV positive? If yes, would he be willing to undergo a lifetime of treatment? Because if he is, then he can do all the unprotected sex he wants. If not, then he should know what to do. In the end, it is the client who ultimately has a say on what needs to be done with his life.

My co-counselors during our duty yesterday

I actually find guy in blue cute.

I look like a stripper guy here lol

Post it Christmas tree at the back

Yes, we are all gays πŸ˜†



Maybe I should give this a hashtag #DayreVolunteer

And then, there was one more thing that caught everyone by surprise. Our former dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, got the heroes burial that his family wanted. I was super disappointed with what happened and it prompted me to pen a lot of rants on Facebook, specifically addressed to his apologists. But I did not post them. It’s not that I don’t want to care, but there are battles worth fighting for (in social media) and there are those that need to be taken to the streets.

This is definitely one of them. People are going to EDSA, staging rallies left and right.

I posted this one.

It’s a shame that some people nowadays fail to remember the tyranny and the reign of terror. I would understand those who have been pro Marcos ever since, but those who do so just because their President (the current one) is so into it – and there was even this rumor that Duterte owes the Marcos family a lot and this is just him returning the favor. Ugh.

Okay I will stop there. It’s a brand new day so I must wake up and embrace sunshine!

Fun Home


Today, I watched Fun Home Manila, with the Philippine cast led by no less than Broadway superstar Lea Salonga. It tells the story of Allison and her relationship with her dad. It is actually an LGBT themed play, and I didn’t know. Must be because all the marketing was focused on Lea’s return to theater. She was just a support here, playing the role of the mother.

The cast were really great – including the kid who played Allison and Mikkie Bradhsaw Volante – who played a teenager.

Imagine, a middle aged married woman, playing the role of a kid who was just coming into terms with her sexuality. Also great was Cris Villongco – whom I DID NOT recognize in the poster because she certainly looked like a boy.

The play opens with these words:

“My dad and I both grew up in the same small Pennsylvania town. And he was gay. And I was gay. And he killed himself”

And it was so beautifully acted that it moved me (and most of the audience) to tears. It was rare. It was so good.

And Lea? Oh she still is super great. Problem is, she did not go out after the show so I didn’t have any photos.. 😭

#Theater #art

Fun Food


Dinner was at this new place, which mind you, is just so close to the condo. It looks so posh

And artsy with the Dangling christmas lights which reminded me of Stranger Things. Lol.

Crab and Corn soup – this is a solo order but it’s already good for 2 people!!

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet with their secret sweet and sour sauce.

I find it weird because it tastes just like other sweet and sour + meat / fish combination. The fish, though, was very thick and yummy. But the secret? Girl I don’t know what that secret is, but it sure as hell is not a secret to me coz a lot of people can make food that tastes the same, if not better. Lol.

Carbonara – so creamy, my friend was not able to finish it. I tried it as well, and I felt that this is one of those few food items that a small serving would already be enough. Otherwise, it’ll end up as a part of the takeout lol.

Palawan Honey dulce de leche cheesecake

Amazing. I really enjoyed this – we were supposed to have the red velvet but it wasn’t available. We settled for this because having some honey is a bit weird and new to us

And boy did we enjoy pouring that sweet little thing to the other sweet thing. Too much? Yes. It also ended up being part of the takeout hahahaha.

If not for the great dessert, I would give a failing grade to Whisk. But I also realized that the food was very affordable and the serving size was very reasonable. I, therefore, give it a 3.5/5!


#Dayrefatties #Dayreeats #Food

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