A Day of Firsts

Volunteering duties again! Today is another first – I handled an HIV 101 with some clients. It’s nice that much of these information are available online, but you can’t really trust things in the Internet nowadays, right?

Oh my.. I just had my first reactive client today. It was exhausting.

It’s definitely a weird experience – telling someone about something that would definitely change his life. What’s good about it is that I did not let him go without the assurance that despite this being a huge blow, it isn’t something that should stop him from living. I got his number and hopefully, he would go to treatment. Although it is a special case because he is not from here, so I hope something can be arranged.

With my co-volunteer JcZ.

The two of us also did another round of HIV 101, and it feels so good being able to answer questions and bust myths about the virus. If my Dayre friends would ask me to do a 101 live, I believe I can already do it πŸ™‚




Since the day was a very tiring one – and it has not even ended yet – I needed to eat something good for dinner. By the way, I travelled all the way from Makati to Trinoma – braving 2 train rides and not looking at passengers who wanted to have my seat taken. Sorry ladies, this time I am not a gentleman.

Dinner at Ristorante Bigoli with a plate of Aglio Olio and two slices of cream dory. They also serve unlimited garlic bread sticks lol.

The dory was good, but the pasta was the blandest aglio olio I have ever tasted. I know it’s supposed to be bland but not like this. I feel like I was eating paper with olives lol. The garlic sticks saved the day. I give the resto a 2.5/5 today.


#Dayrefatties #DayreEats #Foodie

This is the reason why I went to Trinoma. There’s a movie premiere, but honestly; I do not even know who the actors were. All I know is that they are all young, teeny, cute guys and I am hoping that this would have a gay angle in it. Lol.

I did not expect that there’d be this much people. Ugh.

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