Korean Embassy, Volunteering and Aegis Concert

First day of my 15 day vacation (10 banking days) and the first thing on my list is to go to the Korean Embassy and apply for a Korean Visa.

Yes – there’s a plan to visit the country sometime next year, especially if my finances would allow me to. Lol.

The Embassy opens at 9am, my friend advised me to be there early to avoid the long queue. I woke up at 6 (from a 6 hour sleep, yay) and took my time in the bath because these moments are rare. When I checked Uber at around 7am, it’s already almost P400!!! A mere 5km distance!!!

Well, it’s raining. And it’s the rush hour. So I chose to wait.

Now, after 2 freakin hours, I finally booked an UBERPOOL for P200+ coz the price did not even change a bit. So now, I am stuck in traffic, unable to be in the embassy on time and basically messing up the first morning of my vacay. Lol.

Oh well, nevermind. If there’s one thing that I have too much of today, it’s time.

I shouldn’t have spoken sooner. It’s almost 10am and the UBERPOOL IS LOST coz someone picked up and he’s freaking far from where we were a few minutes ago. Ugh. #Killmenow

The Korean Embassy closes at 11am. And we’re not even halfway there yet.

Luckily, I was able to make it on time. I submitted my requirements (passport, billing statements, certificate of employment etc) and when the girl said “Finished”, I was like – why the hell did you not return my passport?

Stupid me. It was supposed to be submitted and it will be returned on the scheduled date of release (if the visa is approved). Forgive me, it was my first time doing that. Lol.

After the Embassy, I went to the mall for a quick lunch and then off I went to the Love Yourself Uni clinic to volunteer. It was a mix of emotions today – because:

1) I was able to counsel a number of people, all non-reactive

2) I got frustrated with a young guy who just had himself tested last August but still engaged in unprotected sex the month after. I told him to get as many condoms as he wants, better stay protected

3) Happy for a guy who got tested together with his partner – so cute.

4) Got annoyed with the other people in the clinic coz they blamed me for something I did not do.

But nevertheless, it was a good day to come back to the org and do something nice for the people.

After that, I booked an Uberpool going to BGC again. My friend invited me to rock band Aegis’ fund raising concert for a church inside BGC. I guess I was just too tired that I fell asleep inside the Uber and I woke up knowing that I snored so loudly haha. How embarrassing.


AEGIS is a popular rock band in the Philippines, known for super power belting, vocal chord strain inducing songs. I have loved them since college and I was supposed to watch their concert with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra last Sunday but I was not able to get tickets. Knowing this, my friend told me about this benefit concert and thought of inviting me – which I accepted with NO HESITATIONS. For years, I have longed to see them perform live.

And although the venue was a

makeshift church – hence, poor ventilation, no air condition, the dust from the construction of the church across the street and the pollution coming from passing vehicles – the P 300 charge was NOT BAD AT ALL. It was so worth it. They sang at least 15 songs and it was glorious. Although I noticed there were some times that the lead singer lets the audience sing, especially those songs which were so popular because of the unbelievably high notes.

Will try to upload some clips for you to see 🙂

Err. I forgot, dayre has a 15second video limit. So if you wanna know what I’m talking about, check my Instagram account tomorrow.

I just need to call it a day and get some rest: goodnight.

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