Beauty and the Beast / The Voice

Beauty And The Beast

So my friends and I were talking about the trailer of this much awaited movie, and we were all in agreement that it failed to entice the would be moviegoers. Well, these friends were superfans of the animated version that they were particularly critical of the littlest of things – like how Beast’s horns looked so sinister, or how Belle’s delivery of “Come into the light” looked more like she was about to pick a fight than surprised.

As for me, I still think of Emma as Hermione.

That scene where she was holding a stick brings back to mind scenes from the Harry Potter movies.

I also noticed that Emma’s eyes weren’t as dreamy as Belle in the cartoons. But of course, it all remains to be seen. The movie wouldn’t be out till next year, so I just hope it’ll be able to deliver. Some trailers can be so good that the entire movie becomes disappointing (Maleficent, Jack The Giant Slayer and Pan comes to mind). Maybe Beauty and the Beast would go the other way 🙂

Last Working Day of the Month

Yes, you read that right! Haha. I am beyond excited for my 2-week leave! But before that, I’ve got lotsa things to finish first. One of them is assisting my boss in reviewing the performances of the team. I asked colleagues from my previous work – how do you rate your teammates? was there ever a training provided for this?

The answer to the first question is – objectively. As in, you should never allow any bias in evaluating a person’s performance. Being my first time, I am finding it hard.

My colleagues told me that there was never any training provided by the bank for this. Good thing our performance evaluation comes with guide questions, but it still feels weird for me that I would be reviewing these. Oh well, it’s now part of my job description. So i gotta do what I gotta do.

One day I’m a corporate slave and the next day, I’m an HIV counselor – which is something I’m also looking forward to doing during my mandatory leave! Finally, I’d be able to fulfill my duties with

the organization that I joined. And hopefully, I’m now better equipped with the techniques needed for counseling, especially after listening to my batchmates’ experiences. Weeeeee!!

The Voice 11 (US)

Okay, I find his voice so, so, sexy. And if you can see my Facebook account, he’s the one who moved me during the blinds. His rendition of Losing My Religion was just so haunting and beautiful. I loved him ever since.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling that he’ll lose this week because this isn’t a great song. I hope Miley doesn’t pick Darby just because Darby reminds her of her young teenage self.

This girl is just so amazing. In case you don’t know her, that’s Wé Mcdonald, whose speaking voice is different from her singing voice. You should watch her blind audition, it was unbelievable.

She could win this.

Whenever I watch singing competitions, I would usually be rooting for the divas – those who belt high notes and still look so powerful. This one, however, is different. Aside from Wé and my impossible hope for Aaron, this guy is who I am hoping would win the only season of this US version that I followed. He is sooooooooooo good. From the blinds up to this one – he is perfect. It’s either him or Wé for me.


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