I should be sleeping but….

got some notifications on Dayre and thought of backreading some of the posts of the people I follow.

And then I realized that the last meal I had was before 6pm. It’s 12 midnight and I’m feeling hungry. Ugh.

And then I thought of my annual leave : when you work in a bank, you are supposed to have one – mainly to see if you’re not committing any fraudulent acts and to check if backup systems are in place. This year, I’ve got nothing to do, nowhere to go. Well, actually, it was kind of similar to what happened last year (I posted about it). Maybe, I’ll just focus on volunteering? That’ll be great. Plus there’s a shower I’m still planning lol.



And then I remembered Britney, our dog. She came to us middle of the year? I cannot remember. If I posted it here, maybe I’ll just go back and update this. But the thing is, Britney’s a bit sick now. She always had that “mange” thing which the vet said was common to some dogs, especially if her blood is prone to that. I bought her an expensive shampoo and hopefully it’ll do the trick.

Aside from that, she also lost her appetite. We tried changing her food – from the pellet type to the meaty

ones, and also tried to feed her with some human food. As of this evening, my brother told me she was eating the meaty dog food (no longer the pellets); but she didn’t like the human food (rice plus some meat). Hopefully, she recovers and gets back in shape (she’s so thin now).

I would feel very, very devastated if something happens to her. One, because we already lost two dogs this year, and two because she was the only one who grew close to me even if I Only go home every two weeks.

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