a Beauty Secret and Lots Of (sinful) Food

#DayreBeauty and #DayreBeauties are you using BB creams? My friend introduced me to this one, apparently just sold in Korea. I was told that there was a Korean beauty products Bazaar near the office, so I went there to check the products. Luckily, I found this one.

I swear, whenever I use this, people would notice my skin. Haha.

Mercato Centrale

Also subjected myself to some dangerous food for the heart tonight..

So many people in Mercato Centrale – and the smoke is too much to bear as well!

But the food, oh even though everything was sinful, they were all so worth it. Too yummy to say no to!

Takoyaki balls!

Sausages and Frankfurters –
I don’t know the differences but the guy said sausages are much more delicious than the other one

Potatoes, mac and cheese and some fried food

Speaking of fried – probably this one is the kiss of death lol.

Crispy Bagnet with egg on garlic rice. I swear, I feel like I am palpitating right now.

#DayreFatties #Food #DayreEats #Foodie

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