Food And 90s Music

Sometimes, choosing what to eat can be so hard a task that I end up taking lunches at 3pm or dinner at 10pm. I know it’s not a good practice, but when you’ve got so much going on, it can definitely be a problem. Case no 1: My friend Ina and I were looking for a good dinner place last week and our options were: Pasta, Steak or Ramen. We ended up in Tonkatsu by Terazawa, located along the strip of restaurants in Greenbelt 2 (?). It’s similar to Yabu / Saboten / Maisen where they serve set Meals

with unlimited shredded cabbage, miso soup and (my favorite) RICE!!!!

Haha. I’ve actually tried them all and Saboten is on the top of my list, followed by this one or Maisen (just coz I only ate at Maisen once); and last would be Yabu (too noisy, always full).

I’d usually order a mixed set (pork + tempura or chicken + tempura), but this time I just had the Hire Katsu Set. As much as possible, I avoid the fats, so this one is lean meat (but yeah, fried pork can never be not fatty lol). It’s the lesser evil, ok?! Haha. The porkloin, I think, is called Rosu. Terazawa’s miso soup, though, is quite different from the usual. It has a mix of some stuff inside (not sure of they’re fruits or veggies) instead of Tofu.

But the meat was sooooo good!!! I had two rice refills and a huge refill of shredded cabbage. It was so worth it. Haha.

I’d give this a 4.5/5!!!


Last Sunday, after my trip to the ER, I was so hungry I Told myself that I needed to eat somewhere posh – even if I was wearing pambahay clothes (ones you wouldn’t want to be caught in); but I guess I was in a Wtf I need to eat state of mind that I was roaming around the mall looking like a hobo.

I was contemplating whether I’d go back to Terazawa or try Saboten or go for something new. And then I remembered my friends were suggesting this good place called Zuni (also in Greenbelt).

I passed by the store three times, googled the menu a lot of times and thought hard about what to eat – should I try their pasta, but I’m too hungry.. should I try the risotto, but it might just be a small serving.. or the tiger prawns, but they’re too expensive.

I surveyed the people inside, and once I’m sure that no one would judge me – since I’d just be using my credit card – I went in. True enough, if you go there wearing what I wore, you won’t be greeted nicely. So I flashed my phone

just to subtly let them know that I can afford to eat here, and asked “Table for One please?”

I ordered the Trio de Risotto with prawn, chicken, mushroom and vegetables.

It was good, not that great. My friends told me I should’ve tried the pasta instead. Well, maybe next time?

For now, I give it a 3/5.


#DayreFatties #DayreEats #Food #Foodie

Pretending to be posh, and a wannabe blogger shot.


My friend’s friend had 8 complimentary tickets to TLC’s concert in Manila last Sunday!!! Yes! The 90s band TLC!! Even if I’m not a fan, a free concert is a free concert and I should go and watch! After all, this year has been a year of concerts for me lol.

I was this close!!! Amazing!

I took some videos which you can find on my Instagram account (again it’s my dayre name spelled backwards).

Also, in that concert, I met Sarah G up close. Sarah G is a Filipino performer who’s so great, my entire family is a fan. She was supposed to have a concert in Batangas City (my home province) but she cancelled it due to medical reasons. I HAVE BOUGHT FREAKIN VIP TICKETS FOR that. i was able to get a refund, but still, we were already excited and expecting

to see her live, most especially my mom.

So anyway, I saw her and I tried to have a photo taken with her. Unfortunately, she was with this huge irritating girl, who blocked ME from having a photo (some fans already had their photo/selfies). The girl even reasoned out that it was not her (Sarah’s) concert, so we shouldn’t be doing that. OKAY. It did not sink in at first coz I was freakin star struck, but when I got back to my seat, I was like – WAIT A MINUTE. You still fuckn owe me. Hahahah.

And this is the only proof I got that it happened. Lol.

#EpicFail #Fml

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