The Day I Went To The Emergency Room

Okay, this is some crazy, stupid shit that I did yesterday.

Last Saturday night, I was out partying with my co-volunteers because it was the launch of our batch / “connect” session to/with the other members of the organization. It was held in one of the not so posh gay-friendly bars in the outskirts of Cubao, Quezon City (which is not really the type of neighborhood you’d want to get stuck into in the middle of the night). If it wasn’t for our batch connect, I wouldn’t be there.

The party was going well when I suddenly cut my finger on one part of the chair – according to a friend, there were some sharp screws underneath some of the chairs that may have caused the cut. Being the medical dummy that I am, I rushed to the toilet without knowing what to do. My first instinct was to wash it with water and soap, but the stupid bar did not have a soap. I was washing it with running water and the bleeding isn’t stopping. The sight of blood caused an immediate panic attack on me

so I had a feeling that it contributed to more bleeding lol. I was frantically asking the staff to get me some soap and anything I could wrap the cut with (a Band Aid/Mediplast whatever is available) and people were also coming in and out of the toilet and I look like a crazy person washing my hands in the sink. Finally, after 10minutes someone came in with a soap. And another person saw me and suggested that I lift my hand, make sure that it is elevated (at least above the heart), it will help

stop the bleeding. And it did! Someone came with a plaster and handed it over to me, so I covered the wound and enjoyed the rest of the night.

But being the paranoid that I was, there were a few questions that came into mind:

1) What if it was a rusty/dirty thing? Surely, I needed to get an anti tetanus jab

2) What if it’s a needle from a syringe with HIV blood in it – lol. That crazy, but this was just random and I did not dwell on it knowing that I aM an HIV counselor and I know the

modes of transmission

And 3) What if I lost so much blood that I’d faint anytime soon?

Luckily, I had too much to drink that I completely forgot all about my finger until the next day (Sunday). I woke up with the fear of possibly getting tetanus (which my friend warned me to be deadly). So I went straight to the hospital, went to our HMO, and found out that it was closed. I dunno where to go or what to do, so I went to the EMERGENCY ROOM. Lol.

Please do not laugh, but Know that I am a very paranoid person especially when it comes to my health – that’s why I found myself explaining to the nurse and the doctor on duty about what happened and how I’m afraid of what sickness I could get because of this. By the way, I didn’t have enough cash and ER cases would still be subject for approval of the HMO, so aside from the wound, I was also thinking about how the fck am I going to pay this if the HMO does not approve this claim lol.

Doctor : Your wound isn’t deep, there is nothing we need to do about it.

Me : But doctor, I think I need an anti-tetanus shot. I don’t even know what part of the chair caused this – it might be something very dirty, so I need protection!

Doctor : Okay we’ll give you anti-tetanus jabs.

Me : Yay. But is it covered by my healthcard, if not, how much will it cost me?

Doctor : We’ll notify your HMO, if it’s not covered a billing computation will be given to you.

Me : But doctor, I don’t have cash right now

Doctor : you can pay by credit card.

aaah. The magic words. Haha.

At least it should not be a concern anymore.

The nurse then called me for the injections. To my surprise, there were two syringes! I was like, what the hell? I thought I was just getting one shot?

The nurse, then, explained that one’s an anti tetanus shot and another was an immuno-something. And it will be injected to both arms.

Me: WILL IT HURT? Will it have side effects??? What am I supposed to do after? What shall I not eat/drink?

Nurse : one would feel heavier than the other, no side effects if you’re not allergic to any drugs, and there’s nothing prohibited after the injection.

Sigh. But the fact that there’ll be 2 fcking injections! A single flu injection causes a mild fever and headache, what more could these 2 do? Argh.

Still, I went on with the procedure because my need to be appeased that I’d be safe

is greater than my fear of injection side effects.

Now, if there’s a doctor in the house (hello @theterencelee ) or someone who works in the medical field, I’d like to know if my reaction to this situation is justifiable. I’m asking because a friend, who’s a science teacher for kids, was mocking me because of my “stupidity”. But for me, looking after my health isn’t stupid at all. Also, anti tetanus jabs (i was told by the nurse) are usually given every 5 years. I was a child when I had one.

and there’s no more shots after that, so I’d think that this is just prevention. Better safe than sorry? Am I right?

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