Memories of a Perfect Day

I will never ever forget the twenty-third of October.

It was on that day when I finished all my trainings in order to become a full pledged HIV Counselor. And apart from that, it was also on the very same day that I lived a high school dream. Now, if you’ve been following my posts, you would know that it was the day when I met the Norwegian boyband, A1. I bought VIP tickets on the day the tickets went on sale. I joined contests on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter just to be able to get a chance to meet and greet them. Luckily, all my efforts (ehem, Facebook timeline flooding) paid off as I was chosen to be one of the 30 fans who won a meet and greet with the band. It was the eve of the concert and I can’t put myself to sleep. I talked to one of the winners and agreed to meet her earlier so we can check out the venue and where we would be entering for the M&G. Scheduled M&G was 7:00 pm (sharp), I was already there before 5:00 pm. There is no way I would risk commuting on a Sunday here.

My best plan was to leave very early and hangout there early. Luckily there were many restaurants around Kia Theater (concert venue). Initially, there wasn’t a sign of any of our co-winners. So we thought they might’ve been stuck in traffic or something. My newfound co-fan came at around 5:15pm (also early); and then we had a quick snack at Burger King while waiting for the gates to be opened (for the m&g). When we came back, there was already a queue.

We were given these m&g stickers that we were supposed to put on our shirts but for some reason it won’t stick in mine. What I did was stick it in my ID (office ID, lol).

It was terribly hot that time and bear in mind we are still in a long line of m&g hopefuls. There were actually people trying to score m&g tickets but to no avail. The 7pm was moved to 7:30 and when we went inside, we were led to a sort of a dressing room. We were then divided into groups of 5 (during this time, my mind was already enraged. And then another producer came in carrying the great news that They would allow photo ops in Groups of 3!!!! But there will be NO CAMERAS allowed as they have an official photographer.


Good thing I made a friend, who also made another friend. There were three of us. So basically we’re good with the grouping since the three of us are Of the same wavelength.

Where’s the photo then?



With members of the Band, A1

Honestly, I was disappointed with the m&g, but I won’t complain. I was able to hug Ben, have a photo with him and take home signed posters. That was enough. I actually came for the concert, winning m&g is just a bonus.

The concert

I’m sick while typing this, I fell asleep for a couple of hours and saw this unfinished post so… here i am again.

The concert was perfection!!!! They sang a lot songs from their first album (most of which I already know by heart), and I was almost in tears while watching them. I took videos, some of which you could clearly hear me cursing and shouting lol.

I was this close. Funny but when I met a few other fans they claimed that they did not buy tickets on the first day but they have better seats than me! When this ticket was bought, all rows from the front right to the one in front of me – all of them were unavailable. Ugh. Oh well… They can’t even hold a proper m&g, how am I to expect them to be better in ticket selling? Lol

Oh Ben…

He is so beautiful

I’m sorry for flooding lol.

Of course we have to be fair. Lol. Here are the boys.

I am surprised that Mark is also very charming in person. This makes him so cute, even cuter than Ben (and You know I’ve been on the Ben boat right from the very start).

I’m supposed to upload videos but Dayre only allows 15sec videos and I’m too sick to function and edit my vids. Posted some on my Instagram ( @jamesabelc )

Again… ugh. Such beautiful creatures 😍😍😍

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