That building there is where our office is located. It’s just a 3minute walk from where I was sitting, but since I’m in a car and we’re stuck in traffic, it’s taking a lot more than 3 minutes lol.

But since No Diggity is playing, I felt that let’s not take it out on a Friday prior to a very looooooooongggg weekend. Let’s throw away the bad vibes shall we?

Funny how 90s pop songs are now regarded as Friday Classics haha. My, haven’t we aged?

But it’s still cool, at least for me.

Curls for days. Lol.

My boss is on Mandatory Time Away, so I had to be a bit busier than I normally am. I’ve got a lot to talk about though, I missed Dayre so much.

There’s the Meet and Greet, and then the happenings for this week and a lot more. But I gotta do my morning tasks first. So my dear Dayre, hang in there. I shall update you (because I need to remember things as I’ve been a bit forgetful lately lol).

Pineapple Lab

The other day, my friends and I went to Pineapple Lab – a place in Makati where they hold LGBT themed events every Last Wednesday of the month. Their theme this month was MananangGayborhood night, a costume party – coming from the term Manananggal, a Filipino folklore character, usually a girl who turns into a monster during full moon. She leaves the lower part of her body and grows wings, and flies around eating hearts and bloods, usually of pregnant women and children (I made the last part up)

They have a huge giraffe in the middle of the bar! I initially thought that the place was intimidating being all those who signed up to the event were those artsy/high end gays in the Metro. We were actually the first ones in the venue (around 8:30 pm), and we were not in costume lol.

And it was fun! The gays were friendly, it was like a fun reunion of some sort – although I don’t personally knew any one of them. The party was filled with a lot of games with a gay twist.


Haha. Sorry!!!

I did participate in one of the games – the eat an apple with a partner without using your hand game. I almost kissed my partner, who’s a bit cute btw (checkout @themuslimgayguy on instagram) lol.

In the end, I went out of the bar with a happy and smiling face. I found a “safe space” to have a few drinks and bring out the gayness in me, and of course meet new people to hangout with. I’d definitely come back. The only downside was, the drinks were a bit expensive, they charge P100 for a bottle

of beer. But like what I said, these people are not your ordinary gay partygoers. The crowd is usually made up of the artsy ones, or sometimes, the rich ones. But I love it. Can’t wait for next month’s Gayborhood night 🙂


📰 Remember the guy who I flirted with, but was already in a relationship with someone else? The one who my friend kind of “stole” from me?

Turns out his boyfriend knew everything about us; and I was once a reason for their LQ (lovers’ quarrel). Tsk tsk.
Good thing I stopped flirting with him because there is no way in hell I would make my life in this new organization miserable. So good riddance. Haha.

The Search for that elusive Stripper

Now this is definitely turning to be an R-18 post, and I’m sorry if you are reading this and you feel that you would be offended if you see naked men, please move along, click that unfollow button lol.

It’s just that I’m planning the bridal shower of one of my closest friends, and I found out that looking for a stripper is a bit harder than I thought it would be. This wouldn’t be a problem if you have a huge budget, but given that the shower is close to the wedding and we are all part of the

entourage, we all need to spend on other things for the wedding (makeup for the girls, a decent suit for me, gifts for the couple, etc etc). Not to mention that Christmas is just around the corner and it is another expensive holiday that we all need to prepare for.

Anyway, our initial budget was P3,000 to P5,000.

My search brought me to Manila Secrets ( or Facebook account with the same name) and I was dumbfounded. Are you fckin kidding me? This is double our maximum limit.

But to be fair, the guy is really hot (if he’s the one in this photo). My boss actually recommended that we try this as they have Caucasian strippers. It’s exciting for me, but for the bride? I don’t think we should be hiring a foreigner to do the dance lol. She’s based in Australia and is marrying a Filipino. If she sees a Caucasian stripper (the kind that she sees everyday), and compares IT to the one she is marrying, she might get disappointed lol.

So no. We cannot afford this one.

And then I was lost, where can I find Prime
meat at the budget I was given?

That was when I realized that hey, I’m part of an organization made up of mostly gay men. Surely, someone must have a connection. I asked around an voila! I was offered a lot of options!

Wanna see?


I knew you also want to lol.

Option 1 : Budget wise, my contact said that he can negotiate for P3k. However, he’s not sure about the performance if the guy would go “all the way”. For the unaware, all the way means he would remove every piece of clothing and dance around with his private parts, uhm, for the lack of a better term – dangling.

Option 2

Option 3

These two guys are Go Go Boys in one of Manila’s popular gay bars (not strip bar, there is a difference) – O Bar. The price can be negotiated to P3k, but they would definitely not go all the way. Also, the shower is on a Saturday, which is a big night at the bar so it might be harder to get a hold of them (pun intended lol).

Option 4

The two of them for P6k, one for P4k. And my friend swears that they are really, really good. Plus, this is what they do for a living so they have already invested in costumes so they come very well prepared for the event.

I’m leaning towards this last one because it seems that they were the only ones whom we’d get our money’s worth. What do you think? Lol.

Crazy that I ended up talking about them lol. I should be writing my A1 piece instead, noh?

Hmmm. Nah. Let’s put it in another day. Haha.

It’s the last working day of October in the PH And I’m sure tonight’s gonna be a hassle if we’re to go home to the province (because of the long weekend), so really, I have nothing to do tonight and this is where my mind is venturing now.

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