Exactly a year ago, I tweeted Ben Adams (A1 boyband member) this. And you know how much of a big fan I was, well maybe not to the extent of knowing every little detail about him, but in my heart I knew he was one of the reasons why ” I am who I am ” today.

I didn’t even think there’d be a possibility of him having a concert here, and did not even think that there was a chance for me to hear the band again.

Fast forward to this year (sometime last August) when I saw that they’d be coming back.

Of course I have completely forgotten about this tweet, thanks to Facebook’s On This Day function, I was reminded of how serendipitous this moment was. Or maybe it’s a case of wanting something and telling it to the Universe, which will then conspire to make it happen for you.

Thank you to @supermavic for telling me about that meet and greet contest, and I am very, very sorry to all my friends who have seen my daily posts about wanting to to and why I deserve to win.

And I did win. It is 11:44 pm, I haven’t had much sleep since yesterday but I cannot, and I guess I still would not be able to understand how this happened. I won. I freaking fucking won. I would be living a dream that has been there since I was fifteen/sixteen years old.

I still don’t know how to feel, @thesolobackpacker I know you told me how but I still cannot process it up to this time. It’s so surreal.

@Ievis , how in the world should I behave? I feel that I would cry when I see them.

This is just proof that sometimes, when you want something bad enough, you can get it.

It is almost midnight, but My excitement is beyond unexplainable lol.

It is happening.

Me, myself and Ben Adams.

Ben freaking Adams.

My high school love. Oh my God. Thank you so much.

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