when things collide, as they sometimes will

It has subsided – I mean, my emotions. I was very upset earlier because the last day for the Volunteering /Counseling training coincided with the A1 concert. It would be alright had the training been scheduled in the morning or after lunch, but no, it was set at 3pm. Worse, it’s a 2-3hr training and the A1 concert starts at 8pm. The thing is, as Pinoys, it is expected that this would start at least 30minutes late. So, that leaves me with just 1.5 hrs of travel time from the clinic to the concert

Which may not sound bad at all, but if you haven’t experienced the unholy and unpredictable traffic of Metro Manila, then you might be in for a surprise. I usually allot 3 hours of preparation + travel for things like this one. I’d rather be very early than fashionably late.

Also, I am trying my very best to win that special meet and greet with the band. So with that in mind, I expect to be at the venue a little bit earlier (this meet and greet specifically stated that it’ll happen before the concert.


But it was not an easy choice.

Realizing a Dream vs. the Opportunity to Help People

How could it be easy? The fact that it pains me that my counseling opportunity would be put on hold only means that I take this volunteering seriously. If I wasn’t thinking about the cause, I would’ve immediately blocked the whole day for the concert. But up until now, I’m still trying to have it rescheduled. I also want this. I want to help.

What’s more disappointing is the fact that this could have been solved if our batch representative haggled for an earlier schedule.

Sadly, our batch rep (though a medical doctor), seems to be only concerned for his welfare, and his friends as well. We’re not. I sent him a message in the morning asking for help re: my situation, but he only got back to me late at night. He can’t say he was busy, he was actively chatting with my other batch mates in the Viber group. Oh well. I’d consider him to be one of those whose reasons for joining the organization might not be aligned with mine.

In the end, I would still choose A1 – with or without the meet and greet. I’ve said this before, it’s a dream waiting to happen. Now that I have the means and they’re visiting the country, why would I let this opportunity go? This might be the last time they’d come back to the country or the last time Ben would still look fabulously handsome (he’s almost 35 years old already). So to the people I would’ve counseled from this year till the day I’d be able to take the last day training, I’m sorry.


I am in love with Sailor Venus. Haha. This is how I would look at things if they don’t go my way. Lol.


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