Long Overdue Food Post

You think I’ve been so busy volunteering that I forgot to post an update about my other favorite thing to do in this traffic-infested country?

Well, technically, you’re right. Lol.

But of course, I always make time to eat something good whenever opportunities arise. I also take mental notes of whatever I (or in some cases, my friends) devour so that I can share it with the #DayreCommunity .

That is why, here’s my long overdue #Foodie post.


Located in Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City; Tateyama is a new Japanese restaurant that we ended up trying when we were looking for that Stranger Things exhibit @ Bonifacio High Street.

Don’t be intimidated by the expensive looking place as they have food choices for everyone – whether you’re coming there with a strict budget or a surplus of cash. Lol.

Japanese style interiors – yes to achieve that Arigato Gozaimasu vibe, jk. But you can see that they employ Japanese looking people for an added authentic feel.

See? Though I’ve never been to Japan, I would suppose this is how restaurants in there look like? Haha.

Now about the food…

Although they have a lot of food in their menu – sashimis, sushis, makis etc., I settled for the rice bowl because I WAS HUNGRY.

This is the Ebi Ten Don, or the Shrimp Tempura Bowl. Not a good choice, especially if you were out there to try something new. I didn’t because the last time we did that at Nikkei, we ended up going home hungry lol.
This one was enough, but there was nothing special about it. I mean, if you’ve tried a lot of tempuras in your life, they’ll end up tasting the same.

Unless of course if I was in Japan and I was trying the real thing.

Okay. I did not eat this, so I forgot what this is. Haha. Maybe you can help identify this meal? Lol.

My friend had Katsu Curry with a generous serving of rice (I was envious). Not only that, it also came with this:

Salad!! Are you freakin kidding me? All of these rice meals’ costs do not differ much from each other. Why on Earth did that Katsu Curry come with a serving of salad? That’s not fair!! Lol.

Because of this, I am giving Tateyama a 2.5/5!!!



Sweet Inspirations

First off, the signature eyeglasses shot. Lol.

Sweet Inspirations is located along Katipunan Ave., Quezon City; just across Ateneo De Manila University. They said that this was one of the favorite restaurants of former president Noynoy Aquino. And now, we understand why.

They serve desserts, pastries, cakes, Filipino food and a Mongolian Buffet! And everything is affordable!

Chicken Cordon Bleu (again, settled with the familiar food).

Hot chocolate 😍

Carbonara – my friend was not able to finish this much food on her plate!

A Filipino favorite – pansit palabok! A MUST TRY. It was so good, I swear to God!

A slice of Red Velvet cake. Mmmmm..

And Puto Bumbong – A Classic Filipino Christmas dessert. Why Christmas? Because together with Bibingka, these two are usually sold outside churches during Simbang Gabi / Misa De Gallo.

I give the restaurant a 4.5/5. They also provide excellent service, and everyone’s smiling. The only downside, though, is when it is full of people. It gets a bit noisy, thereby losing its classy atmosphere. Lol.


#DayreFatties #DayreEats #Food #Foodporn #travel

Stranger Things Bonus

I did mention about the Stranger Things exhibit right? Netflix Ph had these installations in BGC and I just had to go there and have my photo taken!

Where are you, Will Byers?

Look! A demogorgon!!!! 😱😱😱

#StrangerThings #Eleven #Netflix

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