Stuck In Traffic



What is it with cigarettes that people just can’t stop smoking them?

No offense to those who smoke, but this morning traffic has got me thinking about one of my most hated vices of all.

I never, ever wanted to try that. One, because it’s expensive; two, because it destroys your health and three, because it simply looks unhygienic. I remember complaining about people who walk into elevators smelling like ashtrays.

I hope they create a smoking ban all over the country.

Given that the president is so against drugs and substance abuse, then why not take it a step further and completely ban smoking too? Lol. It’ll be a welcome change especially for the lungs of second hand smokers.

I don’t want to judge people who smoke, but if it’s something that you just do out of curiosity, peer pressure or just to look cool – please stop. But if it’s a habit or something that you need to get done to relieve yourself of stress or whatever – it sounds like an addiction that requires some professional help. Lol.


My father and my brother used to smoke. When I was a kid, my father would ask me to buy a pack of Marlboro every single day. That means he consumes all those sticks in one day. My brother learned that from him. Surprisingly, though, they both decided to quit and were very much successful in doing so. That is why I believe that this bad habit can be erased from your system 🙂

The Traffic Situation

Much has been said about this country’s hellish traffic. With so much cars on the road, pedestrians not following simple traffic rules (when to cross the street and where to cross), and chaotic directions – the traffic situation is one hell of a mess. You should allot at least a couple of hours for TRAFFIC alone if you are traveling to wherever in the Metro. Say you’re from Makati CBD and you have dinner at BGC at 8pm, make sure your already are on your way at 6. Haha.

And that’s just three kilometers away! Haha. Of course I am a bit exaggerating, but for someone like me who does not want to be late, that is what I would do.

Holidays (some of them), and non peak hours are safe travel times. Be careful not to get caught in the middle of these deadly combinations:

1) Payday Friday
2) Friday Before Long Weekend
3) Any Day as Long as it is RAINING
4) Any Friday haha
5) During Mallwide sales and Christmas season

Which reminds me, it’s just around the corner.

So here’s to more stressful rush hour traffic jams and crazy ass motorists. Kidding.

I do hope someone fixes this. But I believe it can’t be fixed in the next two years. Especially when you have a president who cares more about the number of people being killed due to drugs, and throwing expletives at the US, EU and the UN.

But that’s another story, something that IDGAF ABOUT anymore. It’s tiring to say things without being heard. Good night.

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