Volunteering Training Day 1

I just got home from a two-day training required for my volunteering work.

And Boy, am I tired.

Self Empowerment Training

The first one is the Self Empowerment Training, this is designed to provide us with the right preparation needed for counseling training through group discussion and activities, all focusing on the “self.”

This was supposed to cover the whole afternoon-evening of Saturday and will extend until the morning of Sunday. But the trainor decided to have us stay late to finish the entire session and give us the Sunday for whatever we wanted to do.

The training started with identifying one’s self – the four quadrants that an individual has:

The public self – one that we know and others know
The private self – one that we know and others don’t
The blind self – one that we don’t know and others know
The unknown – nobody knows… some things that may not be tapped yet, but will be revealed in due time.

After this, we were asked to create a lifeline – a horizontal line with specific timepoints

Detailing the highs and lows of our lives from birth to the present..

The goal is to check if we still have unresolved issues from the past that we might need to face; and it is still up to us to choose which ones to share and why. But it was recommended that if we have baggages, we unload it right then because counseling would entail listening to people with their own issues and it’ll be hard for the counselor to attack them if they haven’t resolved issues of their own.

Of course, I did share some stuff that were part of the past. It’s not everyday that you get the free services of a psychologist hahaa!

And I feel that I have to remove some baggages of my own in order to become a better person. It was a safe space anyway, so I was happy that I did get something out of that training.

And not everything is about our life experiences. We were also taught how to manage emotions and change behaviors. We were told that individuals tend to manage emotions in different styles – suppressing emotions, capitulating emotions, over expressing emotions and accommodating emotions (with the last one being the best among the four).

Some of my other key takeaways from the training are as follows:

If you can’t control something, LET IT GO

Counseling is essentially influencing

Emotions are meant to be expressed

And last but not the least, these common mistakes in thinking that are not only applicable in HIV counseling but in our day to day lives as well.

Common thinking mistakes

• overgeneralizing – people tend to overgeneralize, not because something is wrong does it mean that everything is wrong. A person’s life can be divided into so many aspects : his health, his family, his career (and many more). Having HIV may affect his health but it doesn’t mean all parts of his life would be suffering as well
• black and white thinking – look for the grey, learn to compromise
• looking at the world thru deep blue glasses – people tend to be pessimistic. This should never be

the case. Same is true with the next one
• imagining the worst – yes there is the Murphy’s Law. But it does not mean you have to think of things going haywire all the time. A little glimmer of hope in your life can go a long way
• taking things personally – as counselors, we should also be prepared to distance ourselves from our clients. If they see us in the brink of tears, they might think of their situation to be something like the end of the world.

Some photos from the training

Wacky shot

And this was taken in the dormitory (i just finished taking a bath)

Fresh af

#DayreGays #Lgbt #LoveWins #Happiness

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