I’m officially a Volunteer!

Yay! Finally done with my first official Love Yourself Hub duty day!

As you may know from past posts, I have signed up to be a volunteer of The Love Yourself Project (see details about the organization above). I went through a screening procedure – similar to a job application, and was successful in getting a spot. A couple of weeks ago, we had an orientation where we were introduced to the organization and the various projects and committees that we may be able to join.

I belong to Batch Bahandi, a diverse group of 37 individuals all with a common goal of giving back to the community. Bahandi, in case you want to know, is a Cebuano word for fortune/treasure.

It’s like going back to school and meeting new people. As for me, the timing of the orientation wasn’t that good since it was the weekend after I left Facebook and I was in the middle of self doubt and all that bullshit.
I didn’t really speak that much, wasn’t friendly enough.

You could say that I was a little intimidated by the sheer number of successful individuals in the group, most of them really great in speaking their minds out and expressing themselves.

A Facebook and A Viber group were created after the orientation, to manage the group and of course get to know each other more. In the first two days, I was more of an observer – checking out who’s who in the group, what their personalities are, who would I get close too (eliminating the sex lens).

During orientation, we were told about the “Sex Lens”. It was something that people put on whenever they are in a new group setting; they tend to gravitate towards those whom they are interested in, those who they find attractive. Sadly, and I know I told you that too many times, I am not beautiful in Philippine Gay Standards (hunky, possibly half blooded male model look).

But I didn’t mind at all. I reminded myself that the goal is to help – if these people don’t wanna be friends with me

then so be it. But eventually, I found my way in. I became one of the resident talkers in the batch’s viber group. Which is good because I soon became friends with a lot of the guys (through chat).

To be a counselor, we would have to undergo a series of trainings that would start this coming weekend and would run for about 4 weekends. As for now, our assignments were to join committees or visit the Love Yourself hubs (HIV testing sites) and assist in any way we can.

Part of the group photo (I’m somewhere in the far right corner)

First Day

Clinic opens at 12nn and I went there at 12:45. I was taught how to do decking/registration and assist the clients (those who went there to have themselves tested). Good thing that my batchmates, who have already volunteered last week, were also there.

The place is very welcoming, and so are the other volunteers (non batchmates). You wouldn’t really feel out of place.

After shift pictorial


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