Travel : La Union

La Union


Located 270+ Kilometers north of Metro Manila (around 5 to 7 hour drive, depending on the traffic), the province of La Union is home to the famous for having beaches perfect for surfing.

Last weekend, I went on a trip to the faraway province together with my Dancer friends from DKS.

And since I am in no way going to ride those waves, I only delighted myself in taking photos of sceneries that were also part of our short itinerary..

Some beautiful photos taken along the way

Sun about to shine

Same here lol.

Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Charity

We passed by this church along the way, and I felt that I needed to take a photo because I’ve heard of this place when I was a kid. I wasn’t able to go down to take a closer look, though.

The church is an architectural marvel.

The church’s facade

It’s located in the town of Agoo, La Union

Pindangan Ruins

Pindangan is the original name of La Union’s capital, San Fernando. According to the province’s tourism site, it’s a name for a place where meat is sun dried with salt for preservation.

The place used to house a church near the coastal areas of the province, but due to various looting in the subsequent occupations (after the Spanish colonization) in the country, they transferred the church somewhere else.

Today, you can still see the ruins of the old church.

Vines/Flowers in the old stone walls

The ruins

The grotto, which is still intact up
until now

They also have a small chapel built there for visitors

And a statue of St. Therese of Avila

Ma-Cho Temple

Temples are always amazing. Take the case of this one located at San Fernando, La Union. Every corner is stunning, up close and from afar!

I will just let these photos do the talking.

Entrance to the place

View from the back

Part of the 18 saints statues

The side of the temple

Up close

These pillars scream power

Closer look at the roof

More saints

View from

Front view of the temple.
It is actually facing the sea. Legend says that Ma-Cho is the powerful queen of heavens and protector of the sea, the patroness of fishermen and overseas Chinese.

I felt the need to take a picture of this one. I’m not sure what it means, but it looked like Yin Yang to me lol.

Flowers and Leaves 😊

This is where they burn stuff. Lol

Inside the temple

The gang last weekend

And of course, a powerful background deserves an awesome jumpshot.

San Juan Surf Resort

Sadly I do not have a photo of our accommodation, but I swear – it is a good deal. We paid P9000+ for a VIP suite that can house at most 12 people, and we were only 9! It has a loft, a two huge beds, one couple bed, an extra mattress, a secret room and a balcony!

The only downside was, there was only one toilet. Haha, nevertheless, it was still cozy and worth it.

A shop outside – where they sell surf apparel, souvenirs, and other beach stuff.

Sitting at the balcony, waiting for the waves.

Unfortunately, they did not come. My friends went stand up paddleboarding instead. As for me, waves or no waves, I stayed at the beach coz I don’t have any interest in these water activities. I mainly went there to be with friends anyway.

Group pic!

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