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Have You Met Ms. Jones?

This song was used in the 2001 film, Bridget Jones’s Diary, which for some reason has a third installment this year. Maybe it’s because I’m too focused on other things that I didn’t know that it was coming, but when I found out that it was already showing this week – I immediately thought Well I’ve got to watch it.

I used to have a copy of the book Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding – the original one, not the one with the movie poster on the cover. I stole it from our college library.

It’s partly because of her and Miss Jones that I was inspired to document memorable things in my life – before through writing, and now through this.

I also have a feeling that I so internalized Bridget Jones’s character that I sort of became her – a fat, workaholic arse with no functional romantic relationship lol.

But seriously, I loved her ever since. Her views, her strength (no matter how shitty her life is), her love and talent for writing… everything about her.

That is why, on opening night, I went to the moviehouse to see it.

The movie revolves around Bridget (of course) and how life takes a turn during her 40s; note that the Bridget Jones’s Diary centered on her story when she was in her early 30s.

This one saw her in a time when all her friends have moved on with their lives, having babies and raising families, while she was still stuck at being single.

At a music festival (where her news anchor friend brought her), she met Jack – a billionaire app creator (which of course, she doesn’t know at the moment) and hooks up with him (she was drunk, ok?).

A week after, she attends a christening and meets Mark Darcy (the love of her life, who I was rooting for since Day 1) and hooks up with him again. But due to the many complications of Mark’s and Bridget’s relationship, she decided to leave him the morning after.

Weeks pass and she finds out that


The big question in her mind (and ours too) was: Who’s the father??

Of course I would not spoil, nor will I mention how it ends. But to be honest, this movie was great. It may not be as funny as the first – where Bridget was just introduced to us; well all first movies are the best (except for LOTR and Harry Potter). If this would be the last one, I’d it’s just fitting that they end it this way.

A perfect score for me.


Love feels like home

So says Bridget. And I will always love her. πŸ’πŸ»

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