Korean Movies Day


The Beauty Inside


What would you do if you wake up with a different face everyday?

Such is the premise of this wonderful Korean movie that is (I believe) loosely based on David Levithan’s Everyday (but further research reveals that it was actually from a US movie of the same title).

Woo Jin, wakes up to a different body on his 18th birthday. This goes on everyday and he deals with it perfectly until he falls in love with Yi Soo, an employee of the furniture shop whom his company has business dealings with.

How does he make her fall in love with him, if he’s a different person everytime he meets her? That’s what you have to see.

I love how the story is so magically impossible, but the problems are so real that you would also ask yourself what would you do if you were in these characters’ places? It is a plus that it featured a star studded cast who definitely looked so, well, beautiful.

It’s a feel good romance film, perfect for weekends – especially Sunday mornings haha.


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Night Flight


Night Flight is a story about the life of a closeted gay in senior high school, and his unlikely hate-love relationship with the resident bastard/bully in campus.

What’s with these Korean Movies and everything I watch is so uncannily beautiful? This one was a 2014 film, and I believe it premiered in Berlin.

This film touched on bullying, the effect it gives to teenagers, and gives an insight on a flawed educational system – where the elites get away with anything as long as they have the means

I would say the film is about friendship as well – the lengths we go to save our friends; or what can we sacrifice to protect them, or ourselves.

It actually has a familiar storyline, something that we’ve read or seen before (all bullying themed movies tend to revolve around it); even the gay twist has been used a lot of times. What sets this apart from the others are the actors – how well they played their roles (I’m assuming they are all straight in real life); and the impeccable scoring.

Cinematography was never an issue with Korean movies, so it’s expected that this one also delivered well.

I so love this movie, I think it’s perfect.


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