The Day I Deactivated My Facebook Account

It feels weird when you talk to your friends and everyone seems to be moving on with their lives, or at least levelling up from whatever they were doing before and you feel that you’re just stuck in a limbo.

I know, I love my job and I love enjoying my weekends with my family (sometimes friends), but this routine scares me. Am I wasting too much potential? Or have I been too comfortable with whatever is happening with my life right now that I refuse any changes?

Let me tell you about three of my closest friends right now:

1) Friend 1 is living the life. She’s working on a family business and she’s having trainings here and there, pursuing a career in the insurance industry (a slight change from being in finance for more than three years)

2) Friend 2 has just moved to Australia to work there. She has already planned for this a year ago and now, she’s living the dream.

3) Friend 3 has just been to Korea and now he wants to move there.

He plans to enroll in a Language class and then try to apply for work in Korea (even as a factory worker) just because he has enjoyed his weeklong stay in the country.

So you see, my friends are living the life. I know it’s bad to compare, but you just couldn’t help but look at your own situation and how your life seems so boring as compared to theirs.

But don’t get me wrong. I am in no way envious of them, I am in fact happy that they are doing what they love (or going there).

I’m just confused with mine. Like I know I am happy with what I do, I’m happy that I get to spend time with family and Britney the dog, but I feel that these things aren’t enough.

Am I limiting myself? Should I be doing something else? Have I done something wrong before that I am
paying for now?

Weird that I’m thinking of this on a Thursday morning, in the middle of work. Maybe I need a breather.

And just like that, I deactivated my Facebook

It must be the weather, or really this feeling of uncertainty. I want to justify this as just wanting to take a breather, stay away from all the chaos and just try to be in the moment.

Fuck. Is this midlife crisis? Or quarter life?

Im such a drama queen. And my friends hate me for that. But I cannot be anyone else.

My initial plan is to stay away for three months.

The longest I’ve tried to stay away from it was one week. I don’t know if I can last for one month, but maybe? Who knows? Depends on the need. But maybe, I could see life in another perspective – away from the chaotic posts of my friends lol. Maybe I can focus on my Love Mission, or better yet finding somebody to love hahah!

Yesterday, I searched for the #15LettersToStrangers and #15Letters tag here in Dayre. I decided to do the same on Twitter, but I just gave them one liners (not long ones) I did not name the people, and it was a move that surprised my followers. They were all like, what’s up with this drama??? Those tweets were automatically posted on Facebook as well; and for sure it got people thinking (and asking). And now, when they look for those posts, they’d be all gone (on FB).

Hahah. Talk about ending something with a bang.

I hope someone would notice my disappearance and look for me hahah. Or not.

Gaddemmet. My mind is so fcked up right now. I’m having issues when there’s none. Fck this weather. Hahha.

And so I opened up to my friends about my “issues” and I feel better now that they sort of understand where I was coming from and they were supportive of me. Sometimes, in life, you just got to have someone by your side – even if you sit in comfortable silences together.. And I’m thankful that I found friends like those – willing to listen, to understand and to just be there.

Of course I would do the same for them.

It’s a weird feeling – being out of a social network that you’ve been part of

For more than seven years, I have been posting status after status and update after update and photo after photo – trying to build an image of a happy person with such a beautiful life. I wouldn’t say I was not happy doing those things, but I feel that I came to that point where I needed to just stop. Yes, sharing moments can be fun, but it can be tiring at the same time.

But what about this (Dayre)? Isn’t it the same thing?

Although it is a bit similar, I feel that where I am now is where I

needed to be. I mean, here, you get to know a person on a deeper level. And since I don’t really know anyone before joining (except for the select few), I get that fresh start that I wanted. I get to be judged without biased, and praised or criticized in a way that is never offensive nor rude.

I’m gonna miss Facebook for sure.

But I’ve just found a lot more time for other more important matters – so why go back now?

And this appeared on my twitter feed. Serious #Wtf #Fml Moment.

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