Good News and Bad Ones.

Good News!

I was greeted by a good news today!

One of my friends is getting married soon! This is proof that long distance relationships can work, right? The girl is based here and the guys is based in the US (he’s an American). I don’t know the exact story on how the two met, but they’ve been constantly communicating for years now and the girl has visited him a couple of times already. The latest one is when the guy gave her the ring and popped the question, now she’s a picture of happiness, so I’m happy for her.

And more…

And then I got these goodies from Korea! Anyone of you used these beauty products before? #DayreBeauty

I honestly am a beauty neophyte; buying facemasks just because a friend is using them; using the same product on my face (Pond’s pearl cream) for more than 10 years now and it’s just recently that I discovered the wonders of facials. Plus for the longest time, since high school up to my mid twenties, I only washed my face with water. No soap. Because I remember my High school biology teacher

said that soaps can be harmful to your face, and that the skin of our face is more sensitive than the rest of our body. I used to be that gullible lol. Little by little, I tried facial wash, scrubs and anything I find interesting. But aside from the Pond’s pearl cream (which I put only after taking a bath); I don’t have any other regular items on my beauty regimen.

I guess it’s somewhat effective in maintaining the glow, but I feel the need to change products now, because 1) I’m growing old and so is my skin and 2) Well, what’s the use of those other products in the market if I don’t get to try them? Lol.

Drug Test Results

For some reason, My name has always been randomly picked to be part of those who will undergo mandatory drug testing (in the company). Of course, I didn’t worry About these – I don’t even smoke, duh. But the fact that you are picked, even if at random, is annoying. Well at least if something happens to me (God forbid) and these crazy extrajudicial killers targets me, we can all say that our President has failed in his drug war.

On a scale of one to Putang Ina, how proud are you of the President?

So yeah. I assume you’ve all heard the news, if not, then let me tell you. Obama, who was supposed to meet with our President, decided not to push through with it. It was after the President (again) uttered the Philippine equivalent for Son of A Bitch (Putang Ina Mo). Of course, hordes of his supporters accused the media of inaccurate translation; some went far to saying that it is about time that someone stood up to a former colonizer (which frankly is so 1900s)..

While some said that it was not meant to refer to Obama, that it was just an expression (oh now, the expression that was supposed to be bad words when we were young is now an acceptable figure of speech).

I swear, everyone’s logic went down the drain. I could go on and on about all the faulty reasonings I see every single day on Facebook, Twitter and on news sites. But nah, I will not pollute my beloved Dayre with these. I just hope someone teaches the President some lessons on diplomacy

I couldn’t help it. I wrote a long post about the use of cuss words and why I am vehemently against it. I’m not saying I don’t curse, oh no I do that a lot, but for public figures like the President – there should be a place/occasion for that. Definitely, it should never be in one of his press conferences, especially when he is addressing the nation. This nation that he represents, this nation would not always understand that those words were mere expression. How many children would look up to

him? What would these children consider as normal – those words that come out of his mouth? Surely you can’t just say that it is the job of the parents to teach the children what is right and what is wrong; what they see would always be true/right for them.

Of course this isn’t just against the President. The media (who the pro President camp blames) should also regulate themselves. Okay, it’s a frenzy when the uncouth President spews those insulting words, but they should not just focus on it.

If it would be possible, and if it would not affect the truth in journalism, filters should be made especially for these curses. They should stop sensationalizing it, and then we can all focus on what is important.

Maybe in that way, people on Facebook would shut up. And I won’t be ranting here. Lol.

Oh well. We shall wait for that day. In the meantime, I will watch some episodes of Looking and then go to bed and have a decent sleep. 🙂

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