The Search Movies

Now that I think about it, the movies I watched last weekend involved a lot of searching. They almost revolved in that theme; maybe it mirrors my current search for love, lol.

Since I’m bored, I’ll just talk about them here. Lol.


The Nice Guys

What were they looking for?

Well, who. They were looking for Amelia, a missing girl who apparently ran away from her mom (a high ranking official of the Department of Justice).

Who was looking for her?

Holland March (Gosling) and Jackson Healy (Crowe). Healy beats up people for a living, March is a private investigator. They met because Amelia hired Healy to beat up March because the latter was looking for Misty, a pornstar who died in a car crash. This search led him to Amelia

and since Amelia doesn’t want to be found, she hired Healy to beat up March. After finishing the job, however, two guys barge into Healy’s place looking for Amelia. Healy, being the good guy that he was, realized that something else is wrong there. So he went back to March and even though they had a bad start, asked the investigator to help him find Amelia.

Eventually, they find her and the reason why she was running away was revealed. This results to a lot of funny fight scenes and

wild goose chases. I shouldn’t be revealing too much as I don’t wanna spoil the moment for anyone who hasn’t watched it yet.

In the end, what made this movie interesting was Ryan Gosling’s extra tight pants. Haha. He’s just so sexy, right?

I’d give the movie a 5/7


The Secret Life of Pets

What are they searching for? Max and Duke, both adopted pets of Katie. Max was the original pet, and Duke was the latest addition. They didn’t get along well as Max thought that he was supposed to be the only dog in his owner’s life. They got lost when Max and Duke had a fight outside their home (during a walking trip to the park) and they ended up being rescued by a gang of disgruntled former pets (who hated their previous owners).

Who was looking for them?

Their friends/neighbors (all animals), especially Gidget who has a crush on Max. Ah; the things you do for love. The film is a funny take on the imaginary lives of pets – away from their owners. I recommend watching if you own one, or if you’re still a kid at heart. It’s not as serious as Despicable Me (I remember crying while watching that), but it’s not that bad as well. It’s a feel good movie for the older guys, and a fun ride for the children. I give this a 5/7



Ida was recommended by two of my DKS friends, Abi and Andrei.

What is being searched for here? Ida’s past.

Who is looking for it? Ida and her aunt.

Ida was raised in a Catholic convent in Poland. Unbeknownst to her, she was actually a Jew. So when the time came when she had to take her vows, the Mother Superior suggested that she visit her only living relative, her Aunt Wanda. Her background was then revealed to her, and they set out in finding what really happened to their family.

The film was set during the world war, when Jews are being persecuted. Ida’s parents and Wanda’s son were murdered and their search led them to the discovery of their family’s bones. Eventually, the two went back to live their lives (or what’s left of them), with Wanda getting depressed because of being alone and Ida second guessing her chosen life.

The film won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2015.

I’d give it a 6/7.


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Dinner Tonight

For the past few days, I’ve also been frequenting 8065 Cafe in Makati because 1) they’re near the condo and 2) they serve good Pasta dishes – P120 only!

I’m on a mission to try everything in their menu lol. Tonight I had this:

Grilled Sausage Bacon Tomato Pasta

This one isn’t as great as their cream based pastas. Although sometimes, I prefer red sauce over white, this is one of the exceptions. The sausage tasted like a regular hotdog and they only put a couple of small bacon strips in it. The tomato serving was generous, though.

I brought my friend, Aki, along and he went for the All Day Breakfast meal. This one’s the caramelized luncheon meat, which I’ve already tried a few months ago (I remember posting about it here). It was too sweet for me, well caramelized lol.

But the star of tonight’s dinner was:

The Mocha Frappe.

Aki swears that this one is good. Maybe next time I’ll try.

For this visit, I’d give the place a 3/5


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