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#TrainToBusan is a freakin amazing film, if it’s not yet shown in your country you should go and see it. Prepare to be at the edge of your seat, to scream a lot, and be carried away with all the suspense scenes! I guarantee a wild ride – pun intended.

I love Korean movies as much as I love their series but I’m a bit picky with those I watch. I was not supposed to watch this one in the cinema coz my regular movie buds do not like suspense/bloody/horror movies. Good thing my friend Aki still

has a hangover from his weeklong Korea trip so he was excited with the idea of seeing it again in the big screen. However, this wasn’t the way he wanted Korea to be seen lol.

Anyway, if I have to give it a rating, I’d say 6/7!!


#DayreMovieClub #DayreMovies

Have you eaten Breakfast for Dinner?

I have! Haha! Remember Milky and Sunny?

The first time I went to this restaurant was back in December of 2015 and I blogged about it. We tried the pastas and shakes, but this time we were a bit hungry so our tummies were filled with their specialties – the all day breakfast menu!


According to the menu, this is Tapa done like you’ve never had it before! Tender beef strips cooked in a secret special marinade. This one is a recipe that has been handed down from one generation to the next, and they claim that this is all natural, no coloring, no MSG, no nitrates- all safe for the body.


Crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside – they aren’t your ordinary fried chicken. You should ask for the gravy coz the chicken would taste a bit bland without it.


Again, marinated in special Milky and Sunny mixtures – they are a bit secretive, aren’t they? Well, that’s fine as long as the food measures up to everyone’s expectations.

The regular Filipino breakfast of viand+Sinangag(fried rice) + Itlog (eggs) was given a stylish twist by this restaurant; although I would say the best ones are still the karinderias – cheap but very tasty.

Lemon Water lol.

I’d say Milky and Sunny is still a nice place to go to, if you want to try something new/different. They have a wide selection of food, breakfast meals, pastas, desserts. In my two time visit here, I still feel the need to try those other items in their menu. I believe the chic interiors are enough for you to want to give it another try. The food was not at all disappointing, service was excellent as well. I give this visit a 4/5.


#Dayrefatties #Foodie #Dayreeats

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