late announcements and early deadlines

What would you do if you are on the final stretch of the long weekend and you see an announcement from your bank that some client details need to be updated, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to process online transactions – even use the ATMs?

Of course this announcement – that was unfortunately made on Friday (not sure what time) only made its way to Facebook feeds TODAY – ON A FKING holiday. It sent waves of panic to everyone who saw it, and basically ruined the long weekend.

Why, in the world, would you send an announcement on a Friday and not put it conspicuously for everyone to see IMMEDIATELY? If you go to their site, there is no trace whatsoever of this memo on their homepage. You have to search for the keywords (in my case, I searched for FATCA) and it will redirect you to the announcement.

What’s worse is that you send it out three banking days before the deadline? Okay, let’s make it two – because who checks your site before the weekend anyway?

This bank clearly has some communication and customer service problems. I can still remember raising a complaint against them, and it wasn’t actually addressed properly. The manager of the bank told me not to go to the branch on busy days – usually Mondays. And I was like – what the fck? Who are you to tell me when to go to the bank and transact on my account?

Oh well. I backed down, so as not to prolong the issue. And now, we’re at it again. The good thing, though, is that a lot of people are

affected – and they would soon realize that they probably did something wrong there.

I work in the same industry, and I do believe that the announcement should’ve come earlier or the deadline shouldn’t have been so soon. People would flock to their branches tomorrow; it’s gonna look like a fcking Pokemon Lure Party and I know it’s gonna cause a stressful two days (till their fckin deadline) both for their customers and their employees.

Maybe someone would retract that announcement.

Too bad, our company’s payroll account is with them.


The bank moved the deadline to the end of September. Unfortunately, the damage has been done. People were already panicking; some even threatened to withdraw all their money. That’s the cost of poor communication.

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