FOOD : Kaffeine Cafe Batangas

Weekend is almost over!
Lucky for us, we got an extra day, Monday is a Philippine holiday (in celebration of National Heroes’ Day); very apt for the current issue of whether or not it is right to bury former President/dictator Ferdinand Marcos to the country’s Libingan ng mga Bayani (Heroes’ Cemetery).

I’d leave that to the political experts in Facebook and Twitter; I’d rather share with you my experience in a new coffee shop
here in my home province of Batangas.

Coffee shops and Hole in the walls are popping up in our province’s main cities: Lipa City and Batangas. The teens and yuppies in the province are keeping up with the trend in the Metro. After all, foodies are everywhere.

My friends and I went to this new coffee shop in Alangilan, Batangas City called KAFFEINE CAFE.

Now I don’t know what their logo means – except for the coffee bean, I presume. Anyway, a quick check on their Facebook
Page showed that it was just opened last July, and was already featured by Will Dasovich on his vlog. Maybe it’s because the place is owned and managed by a group of super young (and good looking boys), too bad I wasn’t on ultra flirt mode that night so I wasn’t able to take photos of them.

So I grabbed this on Facebook. I was like, seriously, they all look like they just got out of high school. Maybe that’s why I lost interest in checking them out hahaa.

But I did check out the food!!

Grilled Sausage rice meal (at P120) which is a really good deal. Look how big that sausage is, my friend had to order an extra rice to go with that.

Spaghetti – their bestseller.

Tuna Pesto – the pesto sauce is homemade (as per the guy who served the food).

Carbonara – super creamy, I love.

All the pastas are around the same price as the Rice meal; which makes them relatively cheap for the yuppies and rich kids; and a bit expensive for regular students haha.

The place, though, has that artsy/chill vibe. The lighting is perfect especially for the kiddos who love taking selfies and the foodies (and wannabes like myself) who love taking photos of their food.

Ventilation is great, although it’s beginning to get cold in Batangas – which is normal since we’re nearing the -ber months.

There’s a space in the right part of this photo that is perfect for couples who want a little privacy.

There you go haha. I wouldn’t be surprised if days from now, they would allow everyone to vandalize these immaculate walls (although I hope not, coz it will cost them the posh feel of the place).

Surprisingly, though, only one of us tried the hot coffee (latte, if I’m not mistaken- I wasn’t the one who ordered). I would probably suggest that they include the Kapeng Barako ng Batangas in their menu, after all, this province is famous for its strong brewed coffee. And that maybe the reason why I do not really enjoy drinking coffee in Starbucks or CBTL; I’ve already tried the best ever since I was young πŸ™‚

I give this coffee shop experience a 4/5


They have strong points for the price, the taste, the ambiance and the cute staff/owners. I just wish they’d be a little bit more friendlier, or maybe we aren’t just the target market (ugh, we’re old).

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