Space thing

No update on the volunteering thing yet…

Or is it too early to tell?

Maybe I’ll give it a week. Also had a hand rash right now, and I don’t know where, why and how it happened. Hmm. Well I know how, there was a pimple like thing that I pricked and now it’s like a huge red circle of mini pimples. I’m giving this a couple of days, if it doesn’t disappear, then off to the Dermatologist I go.

Sharing with you the beautiful #Sunset that I witnessed earlier. And to prove how erratic and PMS-ing this Philippine weather is, it rained hard as soon as it got dark. At least we had the sun shine for one whole day again.

This rain actually was disappointing because I was supposed to go out and check out the International Space Station which was on top of Metro Manila now; and would have been visible with the naked eye!

Gawd I hate that rain…

Any child would have – at one point in their lives – dreamt of becoming an astronaut or traveling to space. I did imagine that back in the days, I would stack pillows and pretend that I am in a spaceship with my brothers. Ah, the joys of childhood.

That’s why I follow NASA (on Twitter and Snapchat); they post interesting videos and photos of what they’ve been doing to explore what is outside of our planet.

These are a few of the photos taken by the International Space Station. The one above is a view of Manila by night. #Beautiful isn’t it?

I’m guessing this was taken during the day. Oh there’s a description below, lol.

Another aerial view of Metro Manila. You can see the roofs of those big houses, but I can’t really recognize where exactly this place is. Hahaha..

If you wanna see more of these, go ahead and follow the ISS Twitter account and like their Facebook page. #ShamelessPlugging and I am in no way connected to them. I just find their posts interesting.

That’s totally geeky haha.

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