Last Night and The Road to Volunteerism

It’s the weekend!!!! Cheers to finishing another busy work week!! They say accountants lead boring lives, but I beg to disagree..

You can still choose to enjoy it just like what our team did last night!

Too bad we weren’t complete – the lone straight guy in the team wasn’t able to join coz his grandma passed away yesterday (God bless her soul).. We were supposed to talk about his lovelife (coz we’re nosy like that) and we ended up talking about lots and lots of things – mostly about our

colleagues. Lol. Who doesn’t love to gossip?

Haha. But it was fun, We stayed till around 2:30am and exchanged stories, opinions and observations. The thing with accountants is that they really, really pay attention to details. So if you think we’re not looking, think again. It’s funny because we don’t normally talk about these things but after our dinner and drinks last night, I realized that most of us pretty much observe the same things in the office. Great minds think alike, eh?

Okay I’m gonna stop glorifying our profession to stop sounding like an arrogant asshole with a constant need for attention. Lol.

Sidenote: these bitmoji stikcers are so much fun, so happy to have these installed thanks @sgrmse for the inspiration. I’m even more surprised that they can actually be used as part of the keyboard! Hah. Love it.

Last Night

Dinner and drinks last night was at Kite Kebab, as you may know I have written about it a few days back. And yes, the food was still awesome. I love that my teammates enjoyed it as well. The staff were friendly and amazing, we actually came to a packed place so we were seated outside (open air). But we asked the kind staff to have us in the “priority list” if in case someone from inside (with Air conditioning) leaves. Luckily, there was a group that was already drunk and they were already leavin

So we managed to secure seats inside! Hurray!!!

I was only able to take photos of some food since later thru the night, conversations were so much fun that smartphones were kept inside the pocket except for the occasional “let’s check their facebook” moments (read: when we are talking about someone). Lol.

Mojos! A but oily, but very tasty!

Chicken Chicharon (which was actually Chicken skin) – sinful but heavenly!

And of course, Chicken Chipotle Herb Kebab with Basmati Rice!

This visit warrants a perfect score for the restaurant.


It’s a perfect place for a chill night out with friends, their drinks were good too. We had pitchers of Kryptonite – a mixture of vodka, calamansi and lemon (or something else, I forgot) and the Margarita. It was a good kind of drunk.

So today

I signed up to be a volunteer of Love Yourself PH. As you know, I regularly have my status checked – even if I’m no longer as sexually active as I was when I was in my 20s (ugh, I feel old). They offer free HIV screening and counseling, so I thought that this could be my own little way of giving back to the community.

One more reason is that, I feel that there is a need for me to be part of an LGBT group. At least this could be a start?

I have an interview later at 4pm (for the volunteering job); but I feel a bit scared of it. Partly because I botched a lot of job interviews before, and partly because I’m scared to be judged (although it happens all the time right)?

I guess I just have to be fueled with the mantra above – I just want to make the world a better place. Don’t we all?

Haha. Now off to lunch. See you all again later. 😘

As expected, I came early and the interviewer got stuck in traffic. Hence, I’m left in a room fool of volunteers and people who are having themselves tested. I’m like, okay, this is what you’re going to deal with if you push through with the volunteering thing.
At the very least, I have already have an idea of what my volunteering weekends would look like. I sincerely hope I’d get in. I would think this would fill a part of me that has long felt like a void.

Also, it opens up a window of opportunities for me. This will widen my network and maybe, just maybe, let me meet someone lol. 😍


The interview went well! The interviewer was apologetic because he was thirty minutes late. I never felt so comfortable in an interview ever, he asked me things like:

1) how would I feel working with other people (different personalities, backgrounds, orientation) – I said I’m in the point of my life where I try to understand people, whatever their personalities are. I told him that I wouldn’t have a problem with that

2) what would I do if someone complains about me – I said I would expect

someone to mediate, have us talk because I believe things get solved through proper communication

3) what sort of things that I think I possess that are not being utilized in my current job – kinda tricky, but I told him that I have this innate sociable personality that I don’t really use that much at work because a) I work with numbers and b) client interactions are usually formal (they’re not lol)

4) who are the people I look up to – to be honest, I found this hard to answer.

Work wise, I said it was my boss ’cause she manages our team well. She ensures that people feel happy with what they’re doing. Personally, like in general, I really had no idea. So maybe that’s one question in my life that I needed answering.

I hope he didn’t notice that I was having a hard time.

He also asked me why I did not volunteer before, given that I already knew of the organization months after it was formed. I didn’t actually know, but maybe it was the timing. It wasn’t right yet.

It lasted for more than half an hour, with him asking questions and taking notes and me basically being like a Miss Universe contestant lol. But I had fun. I felt that if I get accepted, I’d make the most out of it.

Plus, he said that if it were up to him, he’d already have me attend the training this coming September. So, yeah, I aced that interview. Haha.

But it’s still up to his “boss”, that’s why i still have to wait πŸ™‚

Crossing my fingers till then. πŸ’πŸ»

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