The MRT Issue

The Internet can be such a scary place. Yesterday, there was a viral story on Philippine Facebook feeds about a girl who posted a photo of a man, along with it several insults about how this guy looked and how “un-gentlemanly” he was. Apparently, the girl was riding the (infamous) MRT; she was tired and felt that the guy (whom she called ugly) should have given up his seat for her.

Two things that were clearly wrong in this scenario:

1) She did not know him, and she just violated

a cyberbullying law in the country

2) People who judged the girl and called her names are also guilty of the same crime

I AM IN NO WAY SIDING WITH THIS GIRL. She was definitely wrong in my book. If I was the man in the photo, I wouldn’t mind slaying her online and talking about equality. Like if you tell me that man and woman should be treated equally, then the fcking MRT seat is no exception – unless you are OLD, PREGNANT or DIFFERENTLY ABLED. And everyone knows the hardships of getting

onto an MRT here in the Philippines. So if you are able to get a seat amidst the throngs of people riding the train (especially during rush hour) then you are not obliged to give it up for somebody who can carry himself/herself up.

The Viral post (roughly translated):

Shoutout to the guy in the MRT earlier, I’m on my way home to the condo

I rode the MRT from North Avenue to Cubao.

I was in front of you. You could have acted on your free will to let me sit. You just kept on looking at me, you think I didn’t notice how UNGENTLEMAN you are.. I hope nobody does it to your mom. I’m sure she’s already old. And to your sisters as well (if you have some).

Your ugly face is just the same as your ugly character. Perfect combination dude, haha.

She had it coming

Apart from the barrage of insults in the comments section of the original post and the shared posts, there were warnings sent to the girl. People were telling her to take down the post, that netizens might dig up something about her past, that she should have just kept mum about it because (again) the internet is not really a safe place to do things like this…

At first, the girl was still defensive, arguing to commenters and proving she was right. Until screencaps of her private messages

came out online. These messages purports that the woman was into the flesh trade. And then photos of her in the nude, or showing her boobies, also came to the light. A quick Facebook search for her name will result to a number of fake accounts, all with the purpose of doing more damage to the girl.

Today, the guy in the photo has spoken. He was a working student, who was apparently tired from commuting (from school to work, and vice versa); that’s why he wasn’t able to give up the seat.

Lesson Learned: Think Before You Post

And also, refrain from taking photos of people just to insult them (I am guilty of this, especially if I find funny outfits lol).

And for God’s sake, please do not post insulting/demeaning words on your Facebook and make it public! There is a privacy setting, and people need to be aware of that. Some things shouldn’t really be for public consumption. You have friends, and they ‘might’ understand, but the rest of the world would not.

As for me, it the post is something that my mom would be ok

with, I’d make it Friends only or Public. But if not, there is a friends only except a specific list (mostly family, co-workers and bosses list) that I use. Lol!!!


It’s Friday! fri-yay! TGIF! Whatever!!!

It’s the last day of work before another weekend. And this Friday is pretty special because:

1) McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries is back!!!!

2) A1 Concert tickets are out!!! I wonder how the VIP section starts at row 8, and rows 1-7 are blocked. My friend said it might be SVIP and we should have called the mall/producers directly. Ugh. But we already bought tickets anyway. So happy πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

How would you feel?

When you’re supposed to be having a conversation with friends but nobody is answering? Technically, it’s not a conversation. It surely feels like you are talking to the wall.

We’re supposed to have dinner tonight. But I’m not sure if it’s pushing through. Or maybe they are, just not with me? Hahaha.

Have you ever felt unwanted? Like you’ve done so many good things for people but they seem to just don’t give a sht coz they know you will always be there for them. That’s being a doormat, right?

But then again, maybe that’s just me being overly sensitive. Maybe they’re just very busy trying to finish Friday’s work so they can leave early and maybe catch Pokemons, haha. Still, some part of me wants to no longer be that nice friend.

I’m sorry Dayre for being on the receiving end of these rants. You’re my only friend now, you know? Hahaha.

So turns out friend 1 is busy downloading series, and playing Pokemon Go.
And friend number 2 is busy in the training.

And now we’re waiting for friend 2 for dinner lol.

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