Scouring the Metro for good food while you’re on a budget is a hard task, but if you’re faced with no other option, then you just have to make it work.

Such is my condition for the past week, after splurging on a great Boracay Vacation, I was left with only a few “available cash on hand” lol.

But guess what, nothing’s gonna stop this poseur foodie from bringing some of Makati’s best kept food secrets to the Dayre @blog community! #Dayrefatties update today!!!

Kite Kebab Bar

Craving for some Mediterranean food but you’re on a budget? Don’t worry. This place in the “jungle” of Burgos, Poblacion, Makati (the infamous Red Light District) is a home for cheap but yummy Persia Grill-esque food. I mentioned Persia Grill coz my friend told me that they have the same owner – Pinoy Big Brother alumni, Kian Kazemi.

They have affordable kebabs (or at least the ones I tried), and you wouldn’t really feel the difference with the other restaurant (which is a bit more expensive).

(Photo from Google)

The place is a bit artsy, with paintings and murals decorating the walls; huge wooden tables that feel like they were just chopped from a tree; a very fashionable main door that feels like you’re entering a hidden sanctuary of some sort when you walk through it..

I had the Chicken Chipotle Herb Kebab (P155) and Basmati Rice (P50)

The Basmati rice was so good (photo above) I swear I wanted to order one more. But since the budget didn’t permit it, I settled for the plain one. Lol.

My friend tried this Mango Smoothie with yogurt coz he’s suffering from acid reflux so he’s got limited food options. Sadly, they didn’t tell us that they were using green mangoes and not the ripe ones. So my friend didn’t like it that much.

But we both agreed that the Chicken kebab was good. I love that they also had Persia Grill’s garlic dip or something, the white one on the Chicken Kebab photo. It tastes so good especially when you mix it with your rice. Just don’t go kissing anyone after

your meal haha. They have a lot more to offer, and they also have tables outside for those who want to smoke or try their shishas.

For me, this first visit to Kite Kebab is worth a 4/5. A plus for offering a cheaper alternative for good Mediterranean food!!



(Photo from zomato)

One of the few places in Bonifacio Global City that serves good food with prices close to P200, Mozu is a go-to restaurant for employees who want to have a break from the regular fastfood or cafeteria lunches.

I remember the days when I worked there, Friday lunch outs used to be in Mozu. One, because of its proximity; two, because of the low prices and three, because of the hot waiters. We thought that the owner was gay coz he employs all these model-like guys hahha.

Beef Teppanyaki (P210) – Beef, Bean Sprouts and Teppan Sauce

Chicken Curry (P190) – Boneless Chicken Breast, Curry, Coconut Milk, Potato Carrots and Cucumber

It has been a long time since I last dined here, but the taste is still the same. Real value for your money, although you could argue that you can buy cheaper ones at the cafeterias. But still, the ambiance and the waiters? Haha. Altho the super hot ones are no longer around lol. That’s why I’m giving it a 4/5.


Also found a Paras while walking around the Fort lol. #PokemonGo


I know I’ve written about Amici before, but I just couldn’t find my post. It’s the pizza and pasta place near our office in Ayala Triangle. My friends and I met up for dinner last Monday, and two of them have acid reflux food restrictions, so we had to choose a place where we can get our tummies filled but with no effect to their unfortunate conditions.

I was craving for pasta, and since this one was the nearest (and I have a 10% discount card), and they have the widest selection – I suggested

that we eat there.

Good thing they agreed because 1) they were playing PokemonGo and the triangle had so many lures and 2) the discount sounded tempting (although in reality, if you have a 10% service charge and a 10% discount, it kinda offsets lol). Amici isn’t part of the cheap places here, but since this is a #Foodie update, might as well include it in my post. Haha.

Pollo Arrostito (P235) – one of the restaurant’s best selling classics; a flavorful baked rosemary chicken served with vegetables side dish and rice piaf.

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara (P280) – spaghetti pasta tossed in creamy white sauce with Parmesan Cheese and Bacon Bits

Creamy Pesto Prosciutto (P345) – Penne pasta in creamy pesto sauce + fried prosciutto

I’ve tried this before and carbonara felt so normal for me so I went on a different route and ordered

Linguine Amatriciana (P308) – traditional Italian pasta with sautΓ©ed bacon and prosciutto slices (and this I failed to see) spiced with Chilli flakes. Needless to say, I was downing glasses of water while eating. Not really a spicy food fan. This visit to Amici has a grade of 3/5 lol.


Minus 1 for the spicy pasta and another 1 for the deceiving 10% discount lol. Well it’s not actually deceiving as they really do have a service charge.

Izakaya Kikufuji

Last night, I had that intense craving to eat some yummy maki. My mind wandered to Nihonbashitei and their crunchy spicy toro maki, which was by far the best I have tried. But my dinner buddies suggested that we go to Izakaya Kikufuji in Little Tokyo, Makati because they serve better Japanese food at affordable prices!

Initially, I was hesitant because I never tried it before. But I saw the menu and the price (via zomato) and they were way cheaper! So I agreed.

Of course the Miso Soup.

Tuna and Salmon Sashimi

Spicy Tuna Maki (which is just like Spicy Toro Maki of Nihon)

Spicy Salmon Maki this is what I had. It was soooooooooo sooooooo good I swear, it was like heaven on Earth.

I do not remember the price of these items, but I remember pulling out P330 for my share hahaha. I swear, this restaurant is now my new favorite. Of course it’s a 5!


#Food #Foodie #Foodporn

#Pasta #FoodPh #Maki #Sashimi


The fascination for Japanese food never ends. We saw this new restaurant in Makati while walking home last week, and immediately, we agreed that we should give it a try.

The blue+white color sign gives the restaurant a posh vibe, and the inside was well lighted – and who the fck am I talking about the design of a resto when all I wanted to do was eat? Lol.

Tempura Bento – as described by my friend, this is something that you’d expect from a Bento. Lol.

California Maki Pizza – so yummy, you just can’t stop eating it. Haha.

Tonkatsu – pork was not crispy nor crunchy, it was hard. Lol.

Salmon and Cream Cheese – so-so. Not that great. Especially coming from yesterday’s Izakaya Kikufuji, this one fails in comparison.

Geisha Maki – again, so-so, and not something that she would order again.

Edamame beans – my friends swear to its goodness, perfect for snacks haha. Didn’t really like it. Lol.

It’s safe to say that apart from the nice ambiance, there’s nothing different here (from other Japanese restos). It will just receive a 2/5 for me.


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