Catching Up. What have you been up to lately?

I woke up late today.

It is a rainy Monday in the Philippines and my usual 6am waking time was extended to an hour more.

When I went down, it wasn’t raining that hard. But when I got off the jeepney it was like “the wind is howling like this swirling storm inside” with matching heavy downpour; so my pants were dripping when I got to the office. Ugh. I could’ve taken a cab, but my finances wouldn’t allow me to do so lol. I might not survive till the next payday hahah #ThirdWorldProblems

Came to the office with all that buzz about, guess what, #PokemonGo hahah. Everyone’s talking about it, how they find it such a fun thing to do; that they’ve captured a lot already and they were in this and that levels…

So I’m like…

Oh yeah. I spent the weekend hunting for Pokemons. Im in level 11 now. πŸ’πŸ»

Haha. Must be another reason for the long sleep. Was too tired from the weekend’s activities that my body just longed for some good old sleep.

Almost reached my goal (which is a rarity these days).

Side note: i love how my #Fitbit shows me if my sleep was a good one with the amount of restless periods (body moving, but still sleeping).

I’ve also been doing some #MrRobot marathon-ing. This series deviates from what I usually watch – reality shows like Amazing Race and Survivor and Top Model; and comedy shows like Jane The Virgin and Devious Maids.

Maybe it’s because of Rami Malek, or not. Haha. The story is actually interesting, the first season took us to a lot of surprisingly crazy things that you just don’t know if these are really happening or are these just in Elliott’s (Malek) mind? Needless to say, I was hooked.

I wanna get a new haircolor

This color if possible? Ugh.
Gaara is my hair peg. Maybe this week? After payday? Lol. What do you think? I’ve had my hair red a lot of times before.

Ending the night with a glass of wine, and a long time not seen friend based in Singapore who’s here for a vacation. We also did some Pokemon hunting..

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