Suicide Squad

Someone just dropped a bomb today.

#BritneySpears has a new album!!!! And boy, am I excited!!!

Suicide Squad

Anyway, I just came from the midnight screening of #SuicideSquad . The film has a lot of negative reviews so I psyched myself into seeing a total waste of time. Critics are claiming that it’s worse than the Fantastic 4 reboot or the Green Lantern (which were both really bad in my opinion). I don’t know of it’s because of the bad reviews or what, but I found the film pretty entertaining. Sure the fight scenes were worse than Marvel’s, and some of them were borderline campy; but for me

the movie delivered. It’s not as bad as those critics portray it to be. It was a lot of fun, Harley Quinn has been a favorite since I was young and Margot Robbie was no less than stunning and amazing.

I’m sorry. But this was a great, kiddie film (but oh, it was R16). Well, the only thing I didn’t like was Cara Delevigne. She had these sort of possessed dancing scenes and she looked so awkward; she really should just stay in modeling. She’s jinxing every movies she stars in! Haha!

#DayreMovieClub #DayreMovies #Movies

I give this film a 5/7


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