Boracay Food 2 of 2

Too tired to function. That’s me today.

It has been a long time since I spent so many hours in the office. I wouldn’t call today a bad day because hello, I’ve been so productive I rarely went out to pee. On normal days, I drink a lot of water and go to the toilet almost every hour. I even left my earphones at home so as not to be bothered with music (I’m actually ok working with 90s – 2000s tunes blasting in my ears). I knew today was going to be busy. So I was so focused I only drank 1Liter

and went home at almost 8:00 pm!

One crazy day at work and it’s not over yet haha. Some of my unfinished reports are spilling over tomorrow, but I know I can manage. I should have the spirit and willpower to finish them haha.

Just like the Boracay food post that I fought so hard to post last night (I was very, very sleepy by the way).

Here’s the continuation:

Hotel Breakfast

Lime hotel does not have an in house restaurant, so for guests staying there, they are given coupons – either for BonChon or Coffee House Boracay. On our first morning, we tried BonChon. Next day, we went to the Coffee House.

The place is not easily recognizable even if it’s just a few steps away from the hotel. Something about their signage maybe?

The interior looked cozy with all the wooden furniture, walls and flooring. That’s Pam, my Boracay buddy for this year

Orange Juice – just Tang, really.

And I had corned beef silog. The rice tasted weird, it’s a bit sticky. The egg was also watery. And they could’ve given more bananas. Oh well, what can you expect for a free breakfast?

I was hoping they’d provide a buffet breakfast given that P3000 per night (on a discounted rate) is still a bit expensive. With that, I give this place a 2/5


It’s instagram worthy though, lots of nice corners to take photos at.

Real Coffee Boracay

Famous for its superbly delicious Calamansi Muffins, Real Coffee Boracay is a must visit place if you’re having some yummy baked goods cravings. I tell you, this place is one of the best. I was not able to take a photo of the muffin so I got one from Google

A 2012 photo but it still looks the same (of course, why would it be any different?).
Anyway, aside from the Calamansi muffin, they also serve brownies, cakes and all sort of pastries that are designed to whet your appetite.

I also ordered iced chocolate, which was also great.

Yumyum. Feels like I can still taste this one haha.

What’s good about Real Coffee is that it gives you a very wonderful view of the Boracay shore.

Not convinced? Then you must go there and give it a try. Experience delightful and feed not only your stomach but also your heart and soul. I give this restaurant a perfect score


New Restaurant : Jeepney Stop

Right across Mang Inasal in DMall Boracay, you will find a Jeepney parked beside a restaurant. Now I don’t know what the purpose of the entire jeepney is – whether it could also serve as a dining area or a makeshift kitchen or whatever – but it has attitude haha. It makes you take a second look and wonder how on earth did they bring it there?

(photo from Google)

There it is! The jeepney inside the Mall in Boracay lol. We went here coz the Mang Inasal was (again) full. I ordered the Pork lechon kawali which was sinful but also good.

The eggs are heart-shaped (look closer).

Garlic Rice in a cute little frying pan

Closeup of the Lechon Kawali

Jeepney Stop, although still relatively new, has that festive vibe in it. Must be because of the colorful jeepney and the walls that were bright yellow, green, orange (if my memory serves me right).

The place is also perfectly located in one of the major intersections inside D Mall. So it’s a great spot for people watching. Overall, Id give this a 3.5/5.


And Lastly…

Ti Braz or that place with the circular yellow sign and the first stop of the Boracay Pubcrawl (which deserves another post).

Let’s focus on the food and how we got there haha.

I was craving for pasta and Pam was meeting her friends for a couple of drinks; it was raining that night (a typhoon has just arrived) so we needed to decide quickly. And the most familiar place we could think of was this. So off we went there hoping they serve pasta aside from the drinks/

Lucky for Pam and friends, the place was still on a Happy Hour so they were able to get buy one take one mojitos! Pictured above were the apple, lychee and watermelon mojitos.

Pam also had a sandwich – BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato) served with french fries.

And mine was the good old Aglio Oglio! Tasted a bit dry though. Still, it did satisfy my pasta craving. I’d give the restaurant food (only) a 4/5.


#Dayrefatties #Food #Foodie #Foodporn #Foodph


If you happen to take a stroll along the beach, you might find the kiosks that sell grilled hotdogs, intestines, barbecues, etc. don’t hesitate to give it a try! They’re cheap and eating them by the beach is such a relaxing thing to do!!!

Don’t forget to clean up after yourselves though! Ah. Super loved eating on vacations 😍😍😍

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